First and foremost, congratulations!

It’s such an incredible thing to be pregnant but for a lot of us, it was one of the determining factor when considering weight loss surgery.  For myself personally, at my highest weight I was told I would never be able to carry a pregnancy to full term.  After several miscarriages, I finally sought out the weight loss surgeon who would ultimately help me to lose both 256 pounds and gain a happy little baby boy.

baby and mommy

Secondly, it’s time to put away the scale.  I know, we’ve spent so much time trying to lose weight and monitor our weight, but it’s time to stop the obsession and fully focus on health – for both you and baby (or babies!)  I for one, was terrified when I saw those first 5 pounds gained with my pregnancy.  I remember crying in the bathroom, both tears of joy that my pregnancy was healthy and tears of terror that I was again gaining weight at a rapid momentum.

A couple of things to remember:

Myth:  You have to eat more because you’re eating for 2.

Pregnancy weight gain is totally normal. But you don’t have to EAT for two.  The thing is, no matter what you eat, baby is going to take whatever they need from whatever you eat.  So you want to fill yourself with really healthy great choices.  You need to be mindful that with your new altered anatomy, you won’t be able to eat as much as a “normal” woman, and that means you need to be even more picky about what you’re taking in.  That being said, most doctors recommend a number of things during pregnancy.  Here are the numbers we recommend:  (Please talk to your OBGYN or Doctor before following ANY diet or dietary restrictions, ultimately they know your body best)

First Trimester:

    • 1000 calories
    • 100 grams of protein
    • 60-80 grams of carbs (the less processed the better — think fruit and veggies vs bread and crackers)

Second and Third Trimester:

    • 1300 calories
    • 60-80 grams of carbs

I want to give you a little behind the scenes of why these numbers are still important.  I was 4 years out, at goal and maintaining when I had my little bones, my pregnancy was my 6th and I was living overseas in Japan on a military base.  I was referred to the head of medicine and between him, my surgeon back in Texas, and myself — we were all terrified.  It was a first time scenario for all of us.  We made ALOT of mistakes, we tried things that didn’t work, and I had a very hard pregnancy of mainly bedrest, and a 90 pound gain.  Thankfully, my little bones was born healthy and perfect, and he’s turning 6 this summer.  I was able to FINALLY shed the regain 5 years after he was born — but I wish I had these numbers and this knowledge when I was rubbing my belly.

Secondly, pregnancy cravings.  They are real and they are hard.  Here at BE — we have so many options for you to help aid in those so you’re not turning to dill pickles with doughnuts or chips dipped in chocolate ice cream.  If you have severe morning sickness, skip the bread and try ginger tea or ginger chews.  If you’re really suffering with a craving, remind yourself that the reason you’re not eating the bag of Doritos at 3am, is because you want the best for your baby and your body.   And guess what, you’re probably going to mess up, and you’re probably going to give in and thats okay.  Take this time, make a plan and enjoy those little flutters. 🙂

Congratulations Mama.

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