Amy Hoskins Faulkner 93 pounds Regain Gone with Bariatric Eating Back on Track plan



The Back on Track plan WORKS! Here’s a little narrative I typed out a while ago to kind of summarize everything

– Amy Hoskins Faulkner


The Key

First I decided that in order to be successful in losing my regain, I had to find my “why.” My husband started having problems with his blood sugar, and he has a family history of diabetes. We decided we weren’t going down that road. We just decided to make a lifestyle change.

I know it’s a simple answer, but it’s a hard thing to do. I have restarted over and over and over again until we had the wake up call with my husband. But this time was different! We began on September 26, 2016. I weighed 251.8 pounds. I started following Bariatric Eating Back on track (and am still).

I am very much an all or nothing person. If I would screw up, I was done! This time we decided it had to be a lifestyle change, but we also had to be realistic. When I screw up, I give myself grace to go back the next day and start over again. Just because I messed up one day doesn’t mean I’ve messed up permanently. (A recent Bible Study I did called this “imperfect progress. I 💕 that!)

I also exercise 6 to 7 days a week, but I broke my foot in December and couldn’t exercise for eight weeks, so diet is very important as well. I started very slowly on the treadmill and slowly increased my endurance and intensity and now my husband and I walk 5 miles every morning (at 4:30 AM–that takes dedication) If we can fit in evening walks we do another 4 miles. That’s hard to do. Some weeks we get in one or two in the evening and some weeks we get in zero!

I also set small goals. I didn’t look at the whole picture of ‘I need to lose 100+ pounds.’ I broke it into small bites. My first goal was to be down to 225 pounds. My second goal was to be in Onderland. My third goal was to be 175 pounds. My next goal was to be at my low post surgery weight of 159 pounds. My next goal is 151.8 pounds, a 100 pound loss. (I’m so close!) After that I have one more that I call my “ultimate/unattainable goal” of 140 pounds. That would put me at a normal BMI of 24.8.

I also rewarded myself at A 50 pound loss. I bought a charm for my Pandora bracelet – a key. To remind me that I have finally found the key to being healthy forever. My hundred pound reward is a new pair of Tieks shoes. I currently have pictures of them all over my kitchen, including in my freezer and refrigerator!

So the hard and easy answers are …
1. Find your “why.”
2. The Back on Track plan. It works!
3. Give yourself grace when you mess up and start over again the next day- imperfect progress!
4. Back on Track plan support group on Facebook
5. Set small goals. And REWARD yourself when you reach a great milestone.
6. Exercise.

It also helps so much that my husband and I are doing this together. We will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in October and we’re going for 25 more!