I had my gastric bypass in early 2001 – things were different back then – the internet was barely there.

You couldn’t simply Google the latest bariatric info put out by bariatric pioneers, Drs. Mason, Sugarman or Wittgrove – so you had to pour over the pages provided by your bariatric program. I must have read my little folder of pages a hundred times!

Things no one tells you about Bariatric Surgery: Losing Teeth. Bariatric Eating

Losing teeth??? What?????
I really do not recall anyone ever mentioning or my reading that we would ever suffer such terrible issues with periodontal disease and breaking or losing teeth. I suppose no one really had any way of knowing that this is how it would all turn out, so no blame. We willingly took the leap… I happened to be one of the first in that big push. SURPRISE!

I love my smile.
Even when I was MO my happy smile was my trademark… but even if its not your thing, no one wants to lose their teeth. Dentists are now seeing more and more serious problems in our mouths – they’ve noticed trends in that their patients who have had bariatric surgery often have similar fates. Don’t put your head in sand over this one. It’s NOT part of the normal aging process, it’s an actual pattern seen in bariatric post ops.

What is pH?
These experts say that our stomach surgery – whether sleeve, bypass or band – has interrupted the natural digestive process and changed our oral pH, allowing the more destructive bacteria to take over. pH is the acid/base balance of the body. Our bariatric surgery creates conditions that allow for the overgrowth of serious bacterial infection under the gums and deep beneath our teeth at the bone.

Everyone lies about calcium
In addition, few of us take any calcium at all. That’s right, we make believe we do, we say we do, but we do not. As natural aging process rolls and we have even normal dental issues we are shocked to learn these teeth must be extracted rather than *saved*. Our. Bone. Is. Too. Porous. Weak bone will no longer support or securely anchor the teeth –  and grows even weaker from periodontal infection.

Know where cadaver bone comes from?
The second blow comes after the horrible process of extraction, in learning of the huge amount of cadaver bone needed to fill the hole left in your jaw. Hopefully, in six to eight months the bone will be strong enough for them to screw in a titanium post implant to in even more months attach your new tooth.

My story… yeah, there’s a lesson coming!
I’m speaking from recent experience. Even though I take exceptional supplements, periodontal disease has taken down a second large tooth in my mouth. This time on the other side – so I can’t chew well. How awesome is that? For the amount of money I’ve given this dentist so far, just for the failed root canal, extraction and bone grafts, I could have bought all new kitchen appliances. For the amount I will need to give him when he does the implant and screws on a tooth I would be able to go a cruise for two with a balcony cabin!

This is not unusual
We have many stories like mine, with some much worse, every day in our Support Groups on Facebook. Some issues cannot be prevented, but right now if you are doing nothing to take care of your teeth and gums, in all probability you will have a moment in a dentists office, whether in ten months or ten years and remember that you read this.

How to possibly get in front of dental issues:
1. Rinse twice daily – use either warm salt water or a prescription liquid such as Peridex to help reset pH.
2. If you arent a frequent flosser, buy a Waterpik – also called a water flosser – that gently forces water under the gums to flush out bacterial infection.
3. Use a Sonicare toothbrush to keep plaque formation down.
4. Take good multivitamin supplements and use extra calcium as an insurance policy. Some issues can not be prevented, but you don’t know that now. It’s easier cheaper better to be proactive than to endure a day of misery at the dentist and the permanence of teeth that have been lost. I now have two large spaces instead of two teeth… and it makes me very sad. 


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