Congratulations new Mama!  The magic of life is truly one of the greatest experiences we can have as women.  Let’s talk about nursing.

So, as a first time Mum, I was shocked to find out just how HUNGRY you get while nursing.  I had my little bones 4 years after my RNY and although I was my doctors first post op Mama, things went quite smoothly.  But man I was hungry.  All the time.

Providing milk for a growing baby really does a number on your body but guess what?  Your body is a milk making factory!  You just need to feed it the right things.

First and foremost, drink your water.  While nursing I was getting between 100-150oz of water in per day.  This won’t be as hard as it was when you were a new post op – you are going to be thirsty.  I also drank ALOT of Mother’s Milk or Fenugreek tea.  It helped increase my milk supply naturally.

Number two, every time you sit down to nurse – have a protein shake ready and within reach.  The hungriest moments happen when your baby finally has a good latch and the milk starts to let down and you want to eat your own arm.  Sipping protein while nursing also keeps your energy up – as nursing is really tiring.  The best part of increasing your shakes while nursing is that you actually make more milk, and it’s better for baby!  So you feel good, baby is happy and your partner isn’t running around after you growled that you need food immediately.

Thirdly, it’s okay to increase your calories.  Like I said, you are going to be really really hungry.  So allow yourself an extra 300-500 calories of the good stuff (no processed crap ladies) to keep both your body fueled and your baby fed well.  I always had almonds, protein bars, cheese sticks, berries, precut veggies, etc on hand and with me when I traveled outside my home.

Here is a timeline breakdown for those that need an example:

6:00am – Inspire tea (made hot)
9:00am – Inspire shake
12:00pm – BE Curry Almond Chicken Salad
3:00pm – Inspire shake
6:00pm – BE sheet pan meal: Chicken fajitas
9:00pm –  Inspire Shake
12:00am – Inspire Tea


***Supplement your protein bars or other snacks as needed – I kept a small bowl with single serving packages beside my recliner that I nursed in***

**hopefully you’ll get sleep between midnight and 6am**

This is a rough timeline based on generalizations.  My little bones nursed every 2 hours almost around the clock for the first year of his life.  I wish I had Inspire back in those days.  Luckily for my next (fingers crossed) baby I will.  You can swap out the shakes with Inspire bars or Inspire soups just try to keep each small meal within the context of a small meal and not mindless snacking throughout the day.

If you are able to do this, you’ll be able to stay on track while you nurse, plus you’ll feel awesome and you can rest easy at night (or whenever baby lets you sleep) that you’re supplying your child with the best nutritional value you can.