I’m Suzi, Chief Admin over the Facebook Support Groups that we maintain.

Facebook Admin Suzi Shaw

One of our most frequent questions on our support groups is from people trying to assess what a “normal” menu or meal plan looks like for a Post-Op so I thought it would be helpful to share that here.

A little about me…

I’ve been on a long Bariatric Journey and right now I’m thrilled to have started a NEW chapter. I’ve been maintaining my weight loss since Revision from Lap-Band to Gastric Bypass in 2014 (details on my whole story can be found in here) and recently was able to have Abdominoplasty which not only removed excess skin but repaired 3 severe hernias. I’m just a few weeks out and still very much in “recovery mode” but I’ve noticed that my restriction is very much increased so I’ve been focusing on softer sources of protein to make sure I can meet my goals.

Since I’ve been maintaining my goal weight I’ve found that I eat mostly the same foods day after day so I don’t really track too often. In order to stay “on track” though I have a few rules that I follow pretty closely!

  1. Eat at the table with no distractions, TV, music or phones. I find when I have something else to focus on I rush my bites, don’t chew well and ALWAYS eat more than I intended to or need to eat.
  2. Eat only until my step signals alert me that I am satisfied. For me, that’s a soft sigh and a lack of interest. You can read more about stop signals here if you are curious what this is.
  3. When there are veggies on my plate, even with a  salad I eat 1/2 the protein portion then start alternating bites of protein and veggie. This ensures I get protein AND my good carbs in!
  4. I keep my meals simple. During the week my breakfasts and lunches are simple and rarely take more than 30 min to cook from start to finish. This helps me stay focused on lean protein and good carbs!

So here’s how I start my day!

Nespresso with cashew milk

My Six year old enjoys some company for breakfast but I am not always ready to eat so early. Most mornings I have a small coffee. This is an espresso made with cashew milk and a bit of Splenda. My fancy coffee machine makes that nifty foam on top!

After she heads off to school, I have a head over to my desk and I take my first round of 3+3.


Protein based meal #1, aka Breakfast:

Homemade Chocolate Cherry Latte

To say that I am a bit of a coffee lover is an understatement. Around 8:00am I enjoy my version of a Homemade Latte. Lately it’s been this combo but I often use Cafe Bella, Dutch Chocolate Cake or Mexican Chocolate for the days I want it rich and dark chocolate! To make this I use1 scoop of Inspire Chocolate Covered Cherry, 2 teaspoons Instant Coffee and 12oz of Unsweetened Cashew Milk. Easy and PERFECTLY sweet and tasty!

This usually gets me through until lunch time. I tend to sip on alternating cups of coffee and water through the morning. Most days I refill my 30oz water cup about 4 times.

Lunch Time!

Tuna Salad

This day I woke up thinking about a Nicoise salad but didn’t really feel like grocery shopping so here’s what I came up with! Frozen green beans, I heated up while I boiled an egg. Pouch of tuna and a couple cherry tomatoes, some beans all on a bit of fresh baby spinach. Healthy shake of fresh black pepper, salt and a very conservative drizzle of Balsamic Glaze. The longest part of this prep was waiting for the water to boil. But it truly satisfied both my hunger and my craving!

Afternoon Snack!

Pumpkin Latte

Around the time I need to pick up my daughter I get a bit hungry. Since my restriction is a bit heavy right now I did’t want to push it so I stuck with an easy protein drink and sipped it in the car. I fully embraced Fall with a Pumpkin Pie Latte using Inspire Pumpkin Pie protein, Instant Coffee cashew milk and because I was a bit heavy handed with the coffee this round I added 3 pumps of sugar free syrup to sweeten it. OMG…this is so good!

Dinner time!

Despite being in Recovery from my surgery I still need to cook for my family. Tonight was no different! On a sheet pan I laid out some fish that I seasoned with Old Bay and a can of chick peas I tossed with salt & pepper and then roasted it all at 425 until the fish was cooked (About 15 min). While this was cooking I steamed a bag of frozen green beans in the microwave and set the table. It can’t get easier than this folks!

Fish and hot sauce

I put some hot sauce on it! A little heat never hurt anyone!

About 2 hours after dinner is when I normally take my last dose of 3+3. I tend to keep the chewable on hand as it’s a little tart and sweet and satisfies that thought that I need “something” in the evenings.

And that’s a wrap on this day of eating for Suzi!

Hopefully you found this helpful!