In the beginning…

We just had our bariatric surgery and first return home from the hospital, we are tentative and afraid of what comes next – how will we feel when we take those first sips, or bites? Will it hurt? Will I feel full? Will I feel different?

So we start off progressing through the early post op foods stages and begin to fear that maybe, just maybe the surgeon didn’t actually do the surgery because we don’t feel full – already forgetting that the altering of our stomachs impact the way we experience hunger and fullness.

Trust the Pouch... FORGET the app!

Enter the tracking app…

So now we fear that maybe having 1/4 cup of food is suddenly too much. We turn to apps to help us perfectly portion out everything we consume. It doesn’t matter which app you use – My Fitness Pal, Lose It! or even a piece of paper. The more important issue is making good choices in the foods that we choose. One benefit of an app is that it can help you to learn which choices in eating are going to be better than others. When we focus on eating the good choices, measuring and calculating are not as important.

If you are one who struggles with tracking, weighing, and picking apart every item in your meal – concentrate on your choices. Some will find that tracking works for them, and others will find that it just stresses them out. If you are making good choices about what you consume (protein first, some veggies, and then fruit) you will be fine!




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