The term Soft Food is actually a medical term, meaning you are able to fork mash the food into the consistency of APPLESAUCE. We all know what applesauce is. 

There is not a whole lot of wiggle room in this definition but some of our members really try hard to push way past the limits. Dietary restrictions are meant to keep you from hurting yourself. They are not a punishment or test.

I CANNOT FORK MASH STEAK INTO APPLESAUCE TEXTURE. This holds true for jerky or raw carrots or cucumber salad or pork chop or a hamburger or grilled chicken – they do not mash into ‘applesauce texture’ either and therefore, these foods DO NOT work. PERIOD. Absolutely no wiggle room.

Soft Foods Definition for Bariatric Eating


I can simmer boneless chicken thighs in a can of tomatoes (covered in a pot on stove) until they practically melt into the sauce – this chicken can be fork mashed into the texture of applesauce in my bowl with the sauce. I can fork mash cottage cheese with Splenda peaches into an applesauce like bowl of mush. I can fork mash Pinto Beans or Black Beans with a little chicken broth into applesauce like texture. Mmmmmm. Easy too. Add a little salsa from a jar for flavor!

Refried beans fork mashed for Bariatric Eating


There are too many brand new post ops asking if they can eat whacky foods that are not even in the ballpark of PUREES OR SOFT FOODS and once again someone is going to end up in the hospital for emergency surgery if folks don’t understand how important this is.

A long long time ago, in the beginning of bariatric time, my bariatric surgeon told me a story about a 5 day old post op who ate HOMEMADE RAVIOLI as a puree (they are soft, right?) and they got stuck in her new pouch. He had to go in with a scope and forceps and remove them. ONE WEEK LATER, she came in again, this time the stuck food was a POTATO KNISH (the inside is soft, right?). He had to go in with a scope and forceps and remove it. Perhaps she was a slow learner or not all that smart but maybe she was just hard headed. Pay attention to food restrictions.

TO RECAP: A puree is the texture of BABY FOOD… SMOOOOOOTH. A soft food can easily be mashed with a fork into ‘applesauce’. Good luck Grasshopper.