Hi, I’m Leanda Griffin. I had RNY Gastric Bypass in December 2002 with a SW of 285 lbs.

Being obese most of my life and losing and gaining weight like a yo-yo wasn’t working. My son deserved a mom who could get on the floor and play with him and get up without needing assistance.
I dropped 130 lbs within the 1st year and thought I was the textbook patient and would remain at that weight for life. I kept off most of my loss for the first 7 years, but in 2009 I found myself with a 35 lb regain. What was I doing wrong? Well, I’d picked up the NOMB foods again and was drinking way too much alcohol. I was drinking with meals and I was miserable! Sick and tired of being sick and tired!

It was a Tuesday afternoon back in April 2016 and I remember it so vividly. I googled Bariatric Regain and found the Bariatric Eating Website and Facebook groups. I read everything I absolutely could! After reading so many success stories I had a burning desire to become another success story. I just knew I could do this, but do it for the long term this time. I jumped on the Back on Track plan immediately. I kicked the alcohol, NOMB foods and drinking with eating to the curb. I officially lost my 35 pound regain in August 2016 and began down the road to stay in Maintenance using our awesome BE Easy plan.

I remained at or below my original LW of 155 lbs for about 10 months, but I decided to step up my exercise and see where my body could go. I made a new goal weight of 140 lbs and through a lot of hard work I reached that goal on October 8, 2017.

First picture is my HW 285 lbs.
Second picture is my LW of 155 lbs in 2007.
Third pic is my regain to 190 lbs in April 2009.
Fourth picture is my goal weight of 140 lbs in October 2017.

Leanda G Admin
I love being an Admin in our Facebook Support Groups and cheering others on!

It is my belief that ANYONE CAN ACCOMPLISH THEIR GOALS IF THEY JUST BELIEVE AND FOLLOW OUR PLANS! I want everyone to be successful and feel great about themselves!

I end my posts with #BEforlife, because I truly will be a Bariatric Eater and member of this fantastic group for life! Will you join me?