Let me start by saying that I do not weigh, measure, count, or track anything that I eat. And yet, I can tell you with 100% certainty that I am fully on plan and eating right. How do I know? It’s all in the planning…

Matt Frassica – Admin, BE Support on Facebook, 183 pounds gone and living large at goal.

Now I get it! Many of you LOVE to meticulously count and measure. And that is TOTALLY cool! At the end of the day, this is YOUR journey.

For me? I do not have time or patience to count or track, so I follow a very simple plan: I stock my kitchen with foods that are 100% on my eating plan so I am never tempted to go off track. What does this look like? Let me share an example of how I am “planning” for this week.


What's the Plan, Man? Matt's Bariatric Eating pantry


In my refrigerator is the following: fresh turkey burgers, ground beef, several bags of butter lettuce, tomatoes, Bolthouse Salsa Ranch dressing, cheddar cheese, eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, blackberries, turkey sausage, salami, sprouted mung peas, Brussels sprouts, chicken thighs, deli olives, lots of condiments like sugar free BBQ sauce, catsup, several mustards, and LOTS AND LOTS OF Cold Brew coffee and almond milk.

In my pantry is: beans, peppercini peppers, anchovies, sardines, water chestnuts, Ghee, duck fat, ground almonds, sugar free jello, SF pudding, pine nuts, lots of canned tomatoes, fire roasted chilis, ALL of my Inspire proteins, and other various sundries.

So what’s for dinner tonight? About 30 minutes ago, knowing the ABUNDANCE of delicious, on-plan food I have, I knew I could satisfy dinner with a WONDERFUL taco salad.

I will take those turkey burgers and brown them into crumbles with lots of spices. Toss them with the butter lettuce, some cheddar cheese, the sprouted mung peas, some crushed almonds, and the Bolthouse Salsa Ranch dressing. BAM! Dinner is served, I am on plan, and NOTHING passing my lips is sinful (except a few choice curse words when I burned my thumb on the hot pan!)

Now, in my kitchen is a LOT of food that is NOT on my plan. This is life, and my husband eats a lot of foods that I do not. I have zero complaints about this, I do not let it set me back, and I will NEVER blame him or those foods for not being prepared because I know I have LOTS of delicious foods that I CAN EAT.

Because. I. Planned.

It’s all in how you think about the planning. Do you need recipes that you cook on Sundays for the week? DO IT. Do you need Inspire shakes for dinner because you had a big lunch and aren’t that hungry? DO IT. Find your sweet spot for planning YOUR WEEK and it all becomes habit.

Now, I need to leave you…  I have a taco salad with my name on it.


What's the Plan, Man? Matt's Bariatric Eating pantry