LOTS of talk lately about how to make things easier, how hard it is to give up certain foods, lack of cooking knowledge makes this too hard (that might have been me)… but seriously let’s talk about Bariatric Eating.

Inspire is literally the easiest protein to use. Why?

mixes into ANYTHING with a wooden stir stick (use a spoon, it’s faster)
tastes amazing so you actually want to drink it daily
specially formulated JUST FOR YOUR BODY

Seriously? What’s easier than that? You don’t need a blender, weird long grocery list, specialty anything. Water + Inspire is the bomb. (But try it in coffee — LIFE CHANGING 🙀)

Secondly, let’s say you just want something savory, and not have to answer questions (which you don’t anyway but I get nosey family, friends, co-workers) the Inspire soups … OMG. Again, they mix into water with a wooden stir stick (coffee barely mixes with those) and they taste great! Nobody at work is going to ask when they see and SMELL how delicious your chili is, if it’s weird not eating sandwiches. Seriously, I am a testament to that.

Third. I am extremely busy lately. I’ve been working long hours, really exciting but draining projects, and I have to multitask. This morning: shower+coffee+Peanut Butter Cookie Inspire. I’ll be able to brace this NYC snowpacalypse and stay fueled for the long day ahead. By drinking it while I showered I lost my excuse of grabbing something along the way that doesn’t fit into my journey.

See? Easymode.