So today I went to Legoland with my little bones. It’s spring break all over NYC (and the country I’m sure) and it’s Friday so it was PACKED. It was fun and my little guy loved it alot.

We went for a 2pm start time ( I wrongly assumed that would be the quiet hours) but we were both a bit hungry into the first hour. I ordered my small guy an apple juice, some goldfish crackers and a soft pretzel and pulled out my baggie of Inspire and proceeded to mix it into my extra coffee cup the cashier gave me.

Old me would have been so self conscious about eating something “weird” in public. What was everyone thinking? Do they think it’s Slim Fast (which carried a really weird negative connotation where I’m from), did they look at me like the fat girl who was “trying”, were the skinny Mum’s pointing fingers at me and laughing?

Turns out…nobody cares. Everyone there was just trying to survive likely the busiest Legoland day of this spring — trying to get their kid to stop licking the table, or picking their nose, or trying to figure out how NOT to lose their shit at the other 10 thousand kids screaming and running around.

New me? I was so happy to get that rocket fuel into my body so I could be the happy Mum helping build Lego racecars so we could beat all those other kids and run around chasing my little guy AND BE ABLE TO RIDE THE RIDE … Inspire kept me full, satisfied and feeling great.

Moral of the story: Don’t go to kids places on Spring Break and pack your Inspire and trust in your journey — nobody else is judging you but you.