Reset and Refocus.

The last couple of months have been exceptionally hard on me. I’m having relationship problems, high stresses at work, Regain and it was the holidays and I wasn’t able to get time off to go home. All these things have led me to feel exhausted, anxious and just plain stressed out. I was quickly losing focus and there were more than a few days in the last few months that I completely forgot to eat all together.

Today I decided, just like how the tech tells you to turn your phone off andon again, I needed to reset. I already knew my pouch was working properly but I needed a day to stop thinking about food and BOT and just refocus.

So today I’m doing day 1 of the reset. Nothing but Inspire all day. It’s not been as hard as it was the first few times around but man it’s rewarding. I’m starting to feel clear again. I had the day off and I napped a few times. I’m finally feeling like I do normally. Fresh and vibrant.

Sometimes I think we just need a reset and refocus day to reclaim our motivation and drive. Today was mine. I encourage anyone who needs to do the same to please do so.