I’ve been reading a lot of posts that have got me thinking about tracking, calories, exercise, protein etc etc etc in regards to weight loss. A lot of you want to nickel and dime the numbers, stretch to include crap or justify with x,y,z why you need to eat more. This is the cold, hard truth about weight loss, the magical equation, the best way to plan for success:

Calories in vs calories out.

Yup it’s that simple. How? Well, your body burns a generic amount of calories but just existing. After that it’s up to how much you move your body to acquire the necessary caloric deficit to lose weight. This is why WLS is so effective, it gives us a really small measuring cup to work with. But it’s still a measuring cup: meaning if you fill it with high calorie foods, even small amounts, your caloric deficit will not be reached and you will not lose weight.

I suck at math, and counting calories, carbs, fat feels like a job. That’s whyBack on Track is such a powerful tool to lose Regain. We basically take the math out of the equation. Do you 3-5 Inspire shakes daily. Eat a sensible meal (following the rules of course) and you are almost guaranteed to be at a caloric deficit but WAIT THERES MORE! Get hydrated, get your water in and it’s like giving weight loss a power boost pluuuuuuus you get the added benefits of reduced cravings, better skin, and just feeling better in general.

So. Everyone wants to know the “easy way out” … and that’s it! Follow the plan, track your choices if that helps you and see the pounds melt away!!

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