Sometimes I want to scream reading posts on here. It’s not that I think they are stupid, but it’s that I feel this need to save “you” from yourself.

I’m currently *almost* 89 pounds down of regain. I always said my regain was baby weight. And yea there was some. But the majority? Tortilla pizzas, high fat salads, bacon, cheese covered veggies etc. All things that are “bariatric friendly”.

What does that mean? It means someone, somewhere posted a recipe of it, and they were losing weight eating it, and their NUT said it was fine, and their Dr was on board … But guess what? It was just crap hidden in safe words.

Bariatric friendly can mean so many things to different people. What I never changed was my “fat brain” that wanted pizza instead of a chicken breast or roasted veggies instead of buttered ones.

It seems like a simple easy choice. But it’s not. Choices like this still haunt our vets, and will always be part of our lives.

Don’t take a crappy substitute version of a bad choice to tide you over — because it’s not worth it. Find a healthy thing to love! And that means picking it apart so each ingredient is a good choice.

The Big Mac Salad is a prime example. I saw a few that were decent choices and I saw a few that were dripping with dressing. Both are “bariatric friendly” but both are not good choices. Same with the chicken crust pizza – cheese blankets ruin it. But we can ruin anything by adding crap. Let’s change our minds and stop fighting for the very things hindering the success we all want face

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