Just like my Seahawks Legion of Boom huddle up before every game with “whose got my back, I got your back” chant — I too rally my support everyday. These two – our founder Susan Maria Leach and lead admin Suzi Shaw keep me motivated and on planet earth. I know without a doubt – they got my back.

I know life after weight loss surgery can look easy, it can seem easy at times but I remind myself everyday — without my support, I flounder, reach out when the cravings go crazy or something weird is happening. Reach out to confirm a good choice or to borrow motivation to stay away from a bad one.

This Admin team is awesome guys. Seriously, the hours they put in trying to HELP you all out, literally volunteering to play a vital role in a strangers life on the daily. You may not see the hours of time spent, the tears of frustration, the squeals of joy when we finally reach someone or celebrate a member milestone.

I get it, we can come across as harsh–it’s because we already survived your current struggle, bought the tee shirt and promised never to go back. We ALL want NOTHING more than to help you guys so you don’t have to feel the real pain of Regain, or an ulcer, or dumping syndrome. None of us want to be the bad cop — we only want your success.

But maaaaaan, give us a break sometimes. Before you ask a question, look up to the top right, you’ll see a search bar. Type your question there and see if it’s been answered. Check out www.bariatriceating.com and search there. We are only a few Admins trying to field 80,000 memberships FAST MOVING groups and help as many as we can.

It’s safe to say — there are no stupid questions – but there is a lot said for looking for yourself first. Please know we would love to tell you that you were the first who asked about Fathead pizza or why you shouldn’t take Flintstones but I’m sorry, you’re not. Save yourself and dig a little deeper. We spend hours getting all the info you guys need up onto the site.

Back to these two, who work tirelessly, often very VERY long hours, no days off, to bring you the most current info, the best products and the most sound advice. I’d like to thank them for creating a place where I feel supported everyday and without them, I’d still be crying in the plus size section of Old Navy.

Count on us, we got your back💙💚💙💚💙💚