Back-On-Track Diaries

Getting up this morning after a much needed restful sleep, I felt on top of the world. I felt thinner and leaner for some reason. I got dressed in size medium tight dress pants, and layered fitted shirts over. Every inch of my clothing hugged my body and I felt fantastic and loved my reflection. Then I heard the voice

“You’re doing so well, you could just have a small portion of the bacon and fried eggs you just cooked for the family”

“You deserve it. Look at how well you’ve been doing”

“Those pants didn’t fit a month ago, one meal won’t change that”

heart👀 My fatbrain was cranked up to max today. I spent 5 mins wrestling with these thoughts. I’m my own worst enabler. I actually reached for a piece of bacon in defiance of my rational brain.

Mentally my rational brain slapped flames out of my fatbrain.

“Are you serious?”
“I deserve to feel good and stay on track which aligns with MY GOALS”
“A cheat meal is just self destructive rationale for making a bad choice — YOU KNOW THIS KELSEY”
“Do you want to cry over regain again, this is the first wrong step.”

I put the bacon down and walked away from the kitchen both guilty that fatbrain almost won and proud that it didn’t.

Everyday is a battle guys. It looks easy when you look at someone’s FB or Instagram. Or when we tell you to put down the crap foods, or suggest you try Inspire. We KNOW the struggle and WE ALL STRUGGLE TOO. I try to be as transparent here as I can do you know, you’re not alone trying to getback on track.

💖We are in it together. All of us. Lean on us for support and we can do this! 💖