So I woke up this morning feeling good. I pulled on a pair of non stretch dress pants that were super tight last week — and they slipped right on. I got excited to weigh myself, I ran over to my scale.

10 pound gain.

I weighed again. I took off all my clothes and weighed again. I took my measurements. Sure enough I was smaller than 2 weeks ago. I weighed again. Still 10 pounds up.


It took me some serious self talk to walk away from this defeateBack-On-Track Diariesd mood I felt creeping in. No matter what the scale says, I know I’m making the right choices and I’m caring for my body. I relished my pants fitting loosely and then I made a list of the Top 5 Reasons why I’m thrilled to be on the Inspire Diet:

face🦁1. Makes me feel empowered and in control
face🦁2. My clothes fit better
face🦁3. I rarely get sick/dump/feel like garbage
face🦁4. I’m losing ounces OR/AND inches weekly
face🦁5. I’m committed to living by the new rules and BOT is helping me create these habits now

What do you love about being The Inspire Diet???