Back-On-Track DiariesSo I had every intention of picking up ground turkey last night on my way home from work. I had planned to make turkey burgers since I’ll be at work during dinner today. But I had a moment of life kicking me in the butt and I forgot.

The consequences? I’m now faced with two choices:

1. Hope to find something near work that’s appropriate.
2. Have another shake and try to cook dinner when I get home at 9pm.

Neither of these are good choices. They MIGHT work out okay but I could have easily avoided this uncertainty by just planning a bit better. Maybe buying ground turkey and freezing it instead of relying on my overworked brain to remind me. It brings me back to something Suzi said this morning. I’d often order a pizza and spend $30 and wait an hour instead of spending $10 and 5 mins to run to the grocery. With planning, nobody is too busy to eat right.

Luckily I have an extra bag of Inspire at work and I’ll have an extra shake (5 today instead of my usual 4 — still on plan) and have an Inspire Chili when I get home. It’s all about the choices we make and our dedication to the outcome.

What positive choices are you making today?