Growing up, Sundays were reserved for Sunday roast. As an adult, WHO HAS THE TIME FOR A ROAST?! Yet at 3pm I was face timing my Mum And she was prepping the roast. It made me think of what other childhood habits carried over?

The bad:
hand👉🏼eat everything on your plate
hand👉🏼never turn down an offer of food
hand👉🏼there should always be both bread and dessert at dinner

The Good:
hand👉🏼always eat veggies at every meal
hand👉🏼eat out only for special occasions
hand👉🏼homemade is ALWAYS better than processed

I used to tease my Mum that the reason I got so fat was because she always made me eat everything on my plate but the truth is — eating roast beef and veggies didn’t make me gain weight — twisting habits into bad habits did.

So where do we start? You’ve regained after WLS — dig deep and figure out where you went wrong. YOU. Figure out the crappy choices you made and through the excuses out the window. Then jump into BackOnTrack with me — you won’t be sorry!

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