So. I normally get my daily exercise in by walking and running up and downstairs for 9 hours or more. I also do heavy weight lifting 3 times a week.

On December 28th my partner and I decided we’d do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts every morning for 30 days. We started off pretty tame, a lot of muscle groups and Tabata style mornings. Today we decidedon jumping jacks.


The pain of my extra skin flapping in places I didn’t even realize I had very much – like the upper part of my biceps or tops of my thighs or my shoulder blades.


Although I knew I had the extra skin, I see it in the mirror everyday, I wasn’t fully aware of just how much there was. My face turned red with embarrassment after having to tell my guy that I couldn’t do more than one as I’m frantically trying to hold my chest and belly and arms and thighs at once. Luckily he just hugged me and started to google alternatives.

Back-On-Track Diaries

I thought back to the first days I worked out at home with my Mum and Jane Fonda and I ended up doing modified jumping jacks with no jumping.

My point is: I didn’t let my skin, or my embarrassment stop me from making the right choice. It wasn’t easy and it could have easily been something I walked away from. But I held my head high and finished the workout. It’s important we identify the reason we do things and keep our motivations in check. It’s also important to move our bodies.

My biggest regret after my RNY 9 years ago is not exercising enough. I half-assed it because I was already losing incredibly quick. But after meeting people who have exercised from the start and seeing their skin is a lot tighter than mine — I really wish someone had implored the benefits of strength and weight training.

How Are you moving your body today?