What’s in your pantry?

As a Mum of a 6 year old I have a lot of UNFRIENDLY Inspire Diet foods in my house. While nobody is there watching so I’m not eating that Easy MAC – I choose to stock my pantry with foods and items that help my journey so the choice is an easy one.

I wish I had more counter space to have a gorgeous protein bar like a lot of you do!

Planning and keeping the essentials on hand is key.


My pantry essentials:
faceInspire Protein Powder
faceInspire Soups (all three for variety)
faceCafe Bustello – a great instant coffee
faceHerb Ox Chicken Bullion (BOT secret weapon)
faceSugar Free Jello (for those incurable sweet cravings)
faceCanned Tuna (quick protein on hand is key)

What’s in your pantry?