The most common question I’ve been asked when I post about The Inspire Diet (formerly Back-on-Track)

💁🏼How long can you stay on it?🙋🏼

Well folks, it’s been OVER two years now. Yup a whole two years! I distinctly remember it. I was crying. I was 237 pounds and I was shocked and miserable. I remember thinking how did this happen, here are a few of my “reasons”

💙had a baby
💚pregnancy bed rest
💚Celiac disease
💚first time mother
💙protein shakes are gross
💚paleo/Adkins diets
💚cross country move

Honesty the list could go on and on and on. But hold on – these were ALL EXCUSES – not reasons. Wanna hear the real reasons?

💚eating in moderation
💚Fake Bariatric recipes full of fat (tortilla pizza, fat head pizza, flat out wraps)

But mostly? I ate too much and mostly garbage I had no business eating. I justified with all my “reasons” and didn’t own up to any of my excuses.

A year ago I was DESPERATE. And scared. I was 3 days away from Thanksgiving and my mouth was already watering. How did I take this INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY and morph back into this food obsessed monster? Easy, I stopped being accountable.

Luckily I met Suzi and Sherri and Alison and they steered me away from the pecan pie and the mashed potatoes, told me I wasn’t a failure, and guided me towards BOT. I was defiant at first, “I can’t live off protein shakes” but I’m here a year later to tell you that you can. It wasn’t all protein shakes either. Learning to find good, healthy and REAL Bariatric options was fun and empowering. The truth is, this lifestyle is way better than those nasty tortilla pizzas–seriously.

But I slipped up again. I lost my regain the first time and started finding “reasons” to splurge on wine, cheeses, and yes, tortillas. I had convinced myself that after 10 months of being on track I DESERVED to eat something delicious. My fatbrain is such a jerk.Back-On-Track Diaries

So here I am, two years on BOT (and now living on The Inspire Diet) and still fighting to re-lose my regain. Unlike last year I don’t feel desperate, I feel determined that Valentines Day is NOT about what I put in my mouth but rather about what comes out of it and with tears in my eyes I’ll tell you what I’m most thankful for:

This group. Every one of you, every one of our Admins, our founder and my other half Suzi. Without all of you, I’d still be 237, likely more, and crying and miserable.

If you’re struggling with The Inspire Diet – We got your back!

If you’re worried about Valentines Day temptations – We got your back!

If you want to plan for a win – We got your back!

Don’t let one day determine your self worth and give thanks the right way.