So I work as a professional makeup artist and when the holidays roll around, my clients like to gift me sweet treats from beautiful places around the world.

Today was Belgium chocolates straight from Belgium. Yes straight from the chocolate factory the family owns.

I politely said thank you and returned their cheek kisses, and hugs and wished them a Happy Holiday season. I then considered what I’d do with this gorgeous box of chocolates. Then I walked them over to our security compound … those guys have long hours and none of the thank yous I get daily for the same customers they keep safe. I thanked them for watching out of us and Happy Holidays.

Although I could have justified “just one” delicious straight from Belgium, I appreciated the gesture and in turn made the night for 15 guards a bit better. I felt great about my choice.

I’ve thrown away crappy pastries and bagels, given lunches to the homeless people outside etc etc just to stay on track. It’s just not worth it. I’d rather get through this holiday season a few pounds down than hookedon sugar and carbs again and likely up on the scale.

Remind yourself what matters: YOU.


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