Robbie had this to say!!:


“I had RNY in 1998. I went through several life changing events. I over ate and gained over 75lbs back. I am posting these pictures to encourage others to do this to save your lives. It works, it’s not always easy. It takes commitment, self control and denying fat brain. Also exercising as much as possible. The protein shakes really make this work . Take your vitamins, drink your water eat according to the plan. If you do BOT or BE or a combo of both as I do it will work. If I can do this anyone can. I love to cook and eat. But I do this for my health. I am so much happier now. I came across the pic in red and was embarrassed that I let myself get so heavy. Life happens and I used food to make me happy. That is over and I have got this now. Don’t wait just start today!”


Great job, Robbie!!!


Robbie Shrader