The Cost of Success

Back-On-Track Diaries

Eating crap is cheap. I was at the market this morning picking up chicken breasts for dinner and I saw this.

10 boxes of pasta for $10. My chicken breasts were $8. 10 boxes of pasta probably would make my family (of 3) 20-30 meals depending whereas the chicken breasts will make one meal. At first glance the pasta seems like a better deal. But then I think about how I feel when I eat pasta, and how I regained just by eating tiny amounts of processed carbs. I think about how much my surgery cost after eating pasta heavy meals all of my adult life. I think about how expensive plus sized clothes are. I think about how much Tylenol I had to buy to ease the pain in my joints from carrying around my morbidly obese body. I think about the frequent doctors visits for obesity related maladies.

But most importantly, I think about a life cut short by obesity related diseases and the quality of that shortened life.

Yes this life will cost you a bit more financially, but with a little planning (and check out today’s email on budget friendly meals) you will see the true cost of your new life: