The Inspire Diet Diaries: HYDRATION


Okay let’s get real for a second. Are you drinking around 65oz of water? This includes plain, hot (but uncaffienated), with crystal light or other drink mixes etc…

Let me tell you why it’s important and a SUPER SECRET TIP from someone who has become basically a professional at weight loss (originally lost 256, have lost 90 more and most recently 18 pounds haha) water is like the SUPER CHARGED EASY BUTTON to enhance your weight loss. The more water you drink, the faster you drop pounds. The more water you drink, the easier it is to stay on track. The more water you drink, the better you feel.

I worked with a former classy Spice Girl last week. One of the first things I noticed and commented on was her skin. Absolutely beautiful. Despite her extreme tiny frame, her skin was plump but firm, very smooth and I barely had to apply any foundation (which is UNLIKE 99% of the celebrity clientele I work with). I asked what she used, guess what – she said “I stay super hydrated and drink upwards of 10 glasses of water a day and more when I travel”. Now she’s likely blessed with good genes, a fortune that allows for a personal facialist and access to the best products around the world — but I work in skin ALL DAY and I can tell a properly hydrated skin immediately. During our 45 mins together – she drank a full bottle of water instead of the champagne she kept being offered.

Why is this important? Listen, we need water to survive and we need water to lose weight BUT one of the biggest struggles for me after my original 256 pound loss was how OLD I was looking. My skin was hanging and looked sallow, dull and lifeless. Enter a gallon of water a day PLUS a simple but consecutive skincare routine and my skin now looks better at 35 than it did at 22.

So let’s all make a deal today – 65oz of water no matter what. Let me know if you’re in!

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