New Year’s Eve signifies the end of one year and the promise of new beginnings. It’s amazing how far people can come in 8 years, in body, mind, and spirit!

Here is a view into my journey!


Exhibit A: I was banded Dec 31, 2009, and spent the night recovering at home in bed, excited for what was to come.


Exhibit B: December 31, 2010, on my one year Bandiversary, I went to a friend’s New Year’s Eve party. My heart was thumping out of my chest – I hadn’t been out on the town in ages! I had a ball, dancing til my feet throbbed!! I got a taste of how I wanted to live life, and was headed to goal!!

Hit fast forward to late 2014 and four long years.

Exhibit C: New Years Eve 2014. After a spectacular 70 pound regain, I was 224 pounds, miserable, despondent, and even hopeless. I was tired of being obese. I was tired of being tired. Then, in the Spring of 2015, I found the Bariatric Eating support group on Facebook and unbeknownst to me my life was about to change in about a million ways!


Hit the fast forward button 2 more years…. and wow wow wow!

Alison lost her regain - Bariatric Eating Inspire Diet

NEW YEARS EVE, December 31 2017 and I am living life at goal, after using The Inspire Diet to get back on track, I am down over 100 pounds from my highest regain weight. I have been maintaining my loss for over two years. Here I am dancing on top of a speaker at a nightclub all dressed up in a sparkly silver dress and the highest heels. I am living a dream and enjoying every moment!

My life has changed more than I ever imagined it could. It’s NEVER too late to get control. I Promise You.

Try The Inspire Diet, I am an Administrator for the Support Groups on Facebook and will help you to start. One small step is all it takes to get you moving in the right direction.


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