You’ll see the beauty inside and out when you have the determination to shape your healthy goals. Here Kelsey shares her top ten list of things learned in the past ten years since her weight loss surgery. She is an inspiration.

The only source of knowledge is experience. – Albert Einstein

These photos demo the source of my Knowledge and Experience to write these top tips… I am also available to help you as an Admin with the Bariatric Eating Support Groups on Facebook. – Kelsey

Kelsey for Bariatric Eating The Inspire Diet

Kelsey for Bariatric Eating The Inspire Diet

My Top Ten Bariatric Tips

10. Nobody really understands unless they’ve had weight loss surgery too. And that’s okay. But don’t try to impose your new body, diet, lifestyle, etc onto them. They won’t get it. And your feelings will get hurt and it will cause fights. Nobody needs to know why you’re now choosing a salad over fries. This is your journey.

9. No matter how much you lose – this lifestyle is forever. Trying to jump back into a “old eating habits” is the fast lane to regain. Follow the rules – for life.

8. If you like your teeth and your bones – take your vitamins. Most of my weight loss surgery friends have lost lots of teeth, broken bones, needed extra surgeries from vitamin deficiencies. And no – Flintstones don’t count.

7. Everyone has the surgery for different reasons – but we all ate too much of the wrong stuff. Get over your “woe is me” reasons and embrace that you are here making a change. Obesity doesn’t target those who have health, emotional, physical, and mental issues. We made the choice to eat what we did. Time to move on. Same goes for regain. Take responsibility and move on. Back on Track is your cheat sheet.

6. Your skin will never be the same. It will sag and pucker. We stretched it out being overweight enough to need weight loss surgery. It likely won’t ever be back to Barbie consistency without surgical help. And guess what? That’s your choice too. I look like a melted candle naked – but Spanx helps and I’d rather wear shape-wear and single digit sizes than double digit sizes and have “firm” skin.

5. Drink your water. My four hospitalizations for dehydration sucked. The terror when you have no idea what is wrong and you legitimately think you might be dying — and its dehydration, can be avoided. Our bodies are made of water, you’re shrinking, drink the liquid.

4. Find your own style. At 402 pounds: I wore what I thought looked good. Now I do the same. My body looks good in form fitting clothes — even though it may not be “on trend” or whatever. Find the fun in showing off your new figure! I still mainly wear black but now I’ve got heels on!

3. Celebrate yourself! This isn’t easy by any means. It’s actually really really hard. And it’s not hard for a few months. It’s hard FOREVER. So celebrate yourself and your successes. Set goals and reward yourself (just make the rewards not food based for maximum awesomeness).

2. Protein powder is forever. You will never be able to eat enough protein to keep your body in prime condition. Find one you love (mine is clearly Inspire Peanut Butter Cookie – and this was after 8 years of trying every single other brand out there). Trust me – you need protein shakes forever.

1. Laugh at the cloud bread. Or the low carb tortillas. Or the million other substitutes out there trying to reel you in. They are NOT worth it. Find new foods to fall in love with. Low carb tortillas took me to a 90 pound regain – it’s not worth the year of fighting to lose that regain. You can lose your regain but wouldn’t it be even better to not have to? I can assure you the answer is yes.

Thank you for your time and respect! – Kelsey