I have a few thoughts to share about Inspire, Support Groups, and our team! – Kelsey Payuma, Admin Bariatric Eating Support Group on Facebook.  


Kelsey Talks For Bariatric Eating

Bariatric Eating isn’t just a phrase – we are also a company that creates the GREATEST Bariatric products on the planet. We know this because like all of us, I’ve tried 99.99% of the other stuff out there and ours is better. Hands down better. Like you could live the rest of our life on our stuff better. Like a lifestyle not just for weight loss better. Like even your family will like it better. If you knew the amount of research and development and discussion that goes into just one product — you’d know I’m telling the truth ten thousand times over. There is NO DETAIL left that hasn’t been thought over multiple times by multiple people. Our products are good tasting, good quality, good everything plus help people to reach goals they’ve only dreamed of. So, it’s kind of insulting when people join our support group conversations talking about sub-par supermarket products. We draw a line in that we ask members to not promote sub par products – and not only that — how can we in good conscience encourage/allow people to discuss products that we KNOW are not good enough for you!? We don’t believe in gimmicks and sleight of hand here at BE — you get the bang and the buck. Always.


You *can* afford it. When I started drinking Inspire — I had to give up my weekly Starbucks at first, and then I had to give up my gel nail polish. BUT GUESS WHAT ELSE I GAVE UP? 90 pounds! NINETY POUNDS! 90-90-90 pounds!!! There are 100 great quotes out there to be metaphors for it but this is the long and the short of it. Sacrifice goes hand in hand with success. It might seem like “uh easy for her to say, I’m a single mother living on disability” but I can assure you — you can find a way. The cost of success after weight loss surgery stretches far beyond the actual surgery. Why deprive yourself every single day by drinking protein you have to chug down holding your nose? If you need help budgeting groceries for the month – there are a million great apps online that can help. Invest in yourself – YOU ARE WORTH IT.


Keto, Paleo, WeightWatchers, Nutrasystem, etc etc. We have The Inspire Diet. Do you think if you joined a Paleo Group on Facebook they would know how to guide you on The Inspire Diet? Likely not. So thats what we do here. Yes, we do have some Keto information but the short answer is “thats not a great diet for someone who needed obesity surgery”. The reason we spent HOURS AND MONTHS AND WEEKS AND YEARS developing The Inspire Diet? BECAUSE WE WANT SOMETHING EASY THAT WILL WORK FOR EVERYONE! Guys, it’s literally your cheat sheet for weight loss AND OMG YOU CAN ORDER A BOX OF PRODUCTS THAT GO WITH IT? I don’t know what would make this easier aside from me showing up at your house every morning to sit on your shoulder patting you on the back. If you follow the plan – you will see success – guaranteed – no questions asked – hands down – success. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.


We are professionals via experience. We are not going to get into a hissy fit fight with you about why you need to be on XYZ or explain 284784594839854987538547 times why we don’t promote other proteins, or why our plans work, or why you shouldn’t eat oatmeal. We are a company made up of (like 99%) of Bariatric Post Ops – and we HAVE BEEN THERE DONE THAT BOUGHT THE TEE SHIRT. Regain? Yup. No Regain? Yup. Nutritionist? Yup. Personal Trainer? Yup. Nurse? Yup. Holistic? Yup? We literally are so well rounded we might as well be called Team Earth. Get it? But really, we can’t get into mud slinging. We have a bunch of group rules that you should check out if you haven’t. We don’t strive to be mean or condescending — we give TRUTH BOMBS and often times I’ve found, if it hurts, it likely resonates in truth deep down. So before you jump on a box shouting about how we wronged you — look at what we said and think about if we were actively trying to hurt you OR HELP YOU (I promise it’s 1000% help).


Guys, our website is a WEALTH OF INFO. First off, there are HUNDREDS (thousands?) of recipes. LIKE SO MANY RECIPES. Even the pickiest eater will find SOMETHING that they like. And we don’t use any weird ingredients you have to fly to the South of France to get –storebought is fine. There are also articles about losing regain – emotional stuff – vitamins – important information – and a FAQ. The FAQ is really great because there are alot of questions we KNOW we should KNOW — but we don’t – so check that out.


We ARE HERE TO HELP. If you’re struggling, put down the pitchfork and drop your walls, we are here to help you! It’s not always what you want to hear but I promise you, it’s rooted in our nature to look for the solution and help. Just like people you know in person — we all have our own quirky personalities and sometimes that doesn’t come across in text — but I promise you — we are here to help you.

These are just a few things that I’ve been thinking about while I sip my Inspire Peanut Butter Cookie in coffee. I live my life the BE way and I feel younger now at 36 than I did at 26 when I had my RNY surgery. The reason I was able to turn my life around and lose my regain and REGAIN my health and happiness was because I found this group. I’m thankful for it everyday. And thats why I dedicate my time and energy into creating posts, and talking to you guys.