We receive many requests for ideas to turn your delicious mug of Inspire Protein Kitchen Bone Broth into a meal.

This Asian inspired high protein broth bowl is heat and eat in less than 3 minutes!

Asian Garden Broth Bowl for Bariatric Eating

Place the thinly sliced fresh vegetables and cooked meats in your shallow bowl and pour on the hot Bone Broth. This makes a great office lunch – presliced and assembled ingredients travel well in a covered bowl – just blend and heat your Inspire Broth in the microwave and LUNCH is served.

For my Asian Broth Bowl, I’ve arranged bean sprouts, snow peas, scallions, mushrooms, deli roast beef and a few shaved slices of red chile. Microwave the bone broth in a big Pyrex glass measuring cup – and fill your bowl! A few drops of sesame oil, completes the dish. Mmmmmm.


Asian Garden Broth Bowl
  1. Prepare bone broth with boiling water according to directions and pour over the vegetables and beef that has been arranged in a shallow bowl. Add a few drops of sesame oil. Enjoy!



Inspire Protein Kitchen Bone Broth for Bariatric Eating