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FAQ: How Did you Regain AFTER Surgery?

FAQ: How Did you Regain AFTER Surgery?

Suzanne Shaw  /  3/19/2019  /  Facebook  /  Twitter  / 

Every day someone in our Facebook Group asks HOW a Bariatric Regain even happens. How is it that people go from being so desperate to lose weight that they forget and manage to gain the weight back that they fought so very hard to lose in the first place? This was posted here and it's EXACTLY how Bariatric Regain starts.

There is a key phrase here in the caption on this photo that I want to share:

"I love that I'm at the point in the process where I can eat anything I want again."

Guys....there is NO point in this process where you can eat whatever you please again. Sorry to pop a bubble here but eating whatever we wanted to is how we ended up on a table in an operating room asking for someone to take drastic measures and rearrange, limit or remove parts of very healthy functioning organs. This eating lifestyle is for LIFE. It doesn't end when you get to goal.

If you are doing this don't kid yourself about this or the path you are putting yourself on.

Today you can have one cookie. Maybe tomorrow and the next day. But what happens when you decide to grab a Milky Way bar at the Grocery store check out when you are on your way home to make dinner? Or when you reach for a bag of chips as you watch Game of Thrones on Sunday night...and that turns into your weekly "treat"? Or when you are out with your family and you decide that "Hey a couple of breadsticks won't hurt!" and then you don't have room for the veggies and lean protein you ordered and find yourself spending the night dealing with food cravings because you failed to eat to satisfy your actual needs and ate to satisfy your head.

It all adds up...maybe not immediately but one day when you can't zip up those skinny jeans you so proudly showed of on Facebook you realize it's because you're eating an extra 500 calories a day.

Just stop now and go back to making the good choices that got you to where you are now.

Our journey's don't end when we get to goal. Goal is actually where the REAL work starts. Think about that today.

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