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Inspire Protein Kitchen Asian Saute - 5 servings

Inspire Protein Kitchen Asian Saute - 5 servings

Inspire Protein Kitchen Asian Saute - 5 servings

16g protein! A packet of wonderfully seasoned 'Stir Fry' with lots of bold sesame, ginger and soy flavors. Easy to make at the office. A bariatric portion that’s filling & satisfying.
Regular Price $19.99
Sale Price $16.00
Not Available for Purchase.

Asian Saute has lots of tasty sesame, soy, ginger sauce tossed with sweet bell pepper, carrot, onion - lots of mmmmm 'stir-fry' flavor to eat at your desk or kitchen table. 

Five single serve packets, just add water & microwave, for a delicious meal with 16 grams of protein. Ready to eat from your bowl in minutes. A hot meal at home or work that’s light and satisfying. Inspire Protein Kitchen Asian Saute is a delicious & nutritious addition to your bariatric lifestyle. 

Made with 16 grams of protein to create satiety, boost protein intake, and support your weight loss goals. Inspire Protein Kitchen is made with the right taste, texture and nutrition for bariatric needs. All flavor profiles have been created and approved by IACP Culinary Award nominated author and bariatric post op, Susan Maria Leach. 

 5 individual lunch/supper portion packets per package

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