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Inspire Pumpkin Pie Protein - 20 servings

Inspire Pumpkin Pie Protein - 20 servings

Inspire Pumpkin Pie Protein - 20 servings

Real Pumpkin & Warm Spices. Freshly made Pumpkin Pie is in every sip of the best selling Inspire Flavor EVER! #bestpumpkinlatte #starbuckswho
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Mmmmm... REAL PUMPKIN AND WARM FALL SPICES! This isn't just flavored with pie spice, IT IS FLAVORED WITH REAL PUMPKIN. 

Tastes like the filling that Grandma made and poured into her pie crust. Inspire Pumpkin Pie melts into a protein drink that has one of the best flavor profiles ever. We start with pure clean sweet whey protein isolate so the real organic pumpkin flakes and warm spices shine. You won't believe this is protein. Inspire is made for the bariatric pouch - a small thin smooth drink you blend in a glass with using just a spoon. 

Inspire provides 20 grams of super-efficient whey protein isolate per small scoop without fat, sugar, lactose or gluten. Whey protein isolate is the highest grade of protein; tiny protein isolate molecules are more easily taken up by the body than inferior whey protein concentrate or blends. 

 To Use: Add 1 scoop of powder to a 6 to 8 ounce cup of milk, almond milk or water. Stir and enjoy. Ahhhh-mazing when you blend with milk and add to coffee! 

 1.25 pound bag containing 20 single scoop servings

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