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Inspire Whipper

Inspire Whipper

Inspire Whipper

Imagine! Perfect mixed Inspire in just seconds with no shaking, stirring or struggling at all.
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  • The Inspire Whipper:

A Perfect Blended Inspire Drink is what icing is to cake - it puts it over the top!

The days of dragging out blenders, tempering powder into liquid and endless stirring or shaking are OVER. With the Inspire Whipper you are your own Inspire Barista right in the comfort of your own kitchen. THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING - we should have been using one of these for years! 

Add a Scoop of Inspire to Milk, Water or even Hot Coffee or Tea, DIP the Inspire Whipper into the liquid, TURN IT ON and let it work its magic. The Inspire Whipper creates a STRONG vortex dragging the powder down into the liquid, blending it completely in SECONDS. 

Use your Inspire Whipper with:

  • Inspire Protein Drinks, Hot OR Cold
  • Inspire Protein Kitchen Bone Broth
  • Inspire Protein Kitchen Strawberry & Peach Pudding
  • Inspire High Protein Coffee Creamers
  • Yum No Sugar Hot Chocolate (Coming Winter 2019) 

The Inspire Whipper is battery-operated - two AA batteries are not included due to shipping regulations. Do NOT get it caught in your hair. 

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