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J1, One per Day Bariatric Multi Caplet, 30 count

J1, One per Day Bariatric Multi Caplet, 30 count

J1, One per Day Bariatric Multi Caplet, 30 count

All-in-One Capsules for those who do not like chewables. Contains specialized Calcium & Iron that work together in same product
Coming 2020 Advanced Bariatric Vits Made EASY
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Journey1 is J1 - Bariatric Vitamins Re Imagined - One per Day.

Expertly developed multivitamins that work Smarter to fill the gaps in your bariatric diet. J1 doesn’t overwhelm you with huge nauseating quantities of vitamins the body simply passes. One per Day!

Essential Nutrients

J1 contains the nutrients you really need, in bioavailable forms your body can actually use. Most multis have ingredients you already get enough of from food, even with a bariatric anatomy. One per Day!

Less is more

What we don’t include is as important as what we put in. Our formulation philosophy is about what you need as a seasoned bariatric post op who has locked into healthier food habits. Instead of massive doses of vitamins we don’t need, we can target deficiencies, IF one should occur. One per Day!

Keep it simple

Our needs at twenty years post op are completely different than two years after surgery. Our ingredient choices for J1 - the forms, what we include, and what we don't - have been made based on what experts have learned through experience with over a million bariatric post ops. Compliance is easy. Eat Well and take One per Day!

What, no Calcium?

Instead of bulking up multivitamins, we’ve shaken up and streamlined the process. The calcium is in your Inspire! The Cafe Bella & Orange Cream you’ve been sipping for years, contain over 650mg of super calcium in a single drink. Bet you never even noticed - and now its in Vanilla Bean & Caffe Amore too. What if we told you there’s 550mg calcium in every can of Believe. Nice, eh? Forget that it’s a form that puts twice the calcium in bone tissue than ordinary (cheap) calcium salts.

Albion™ Minerals!

We continue to use Albion™ minerals in Journey and Inspire products. Albion™ is the world leader and innovator in mineral amino acid chelate nutrition - they develop highly bioavailable nutritional mineral forms and prove their effectiveness through third party research and clinical studies. Our passion is to create the ultimate supplement for everyday bariatric life. J1One per Day.

Why add K?

K2VITAL® is the purest, most active and proven safe Vitamin K2 as MK-7. New research confirms that K2VITAL® can slash the risk of arterial calcification, coronary heart disease, cancer, type II diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Most compelling is a study showing that those with the highest intakes of vitamin K are less likely to die from any cause. J1One per Day.

Bariatric Gas?

We've included OPTI-BIOME™ (Bacillus subtilis MB40), a powerhouse probiotic that can reduce the severity, duration and incidence of gas and bloating. J1One per Day.

We’re obsessed with making products we want to see in the bariatric world and for ourselves. J1, One per Day!

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