Take this time of self imposed home stay as an opportunity to eat smart, interact with the people you live with and lose a few pounds. We are going to help you get through this.

IF we all can pull in the oars, remain on the same page and STAY THE HECK HOME, this will be over faster and we can get back to work and life. We are fortunate our border was closed to flights from China sooner rather than later. Fact. Ask Italy.

Right now, the grocery hoarding is out of control and I have the feeling that the people buying all the beans and rice don't even know how to cook them. I don't quite grasp the hoarding of toilet paper and cleaning supplies? Did people not *clean their house* before this became real. I have a few closet shelves filled with soap, bleach, Mr. Clean, Clorox wipes, laundry detergent and dishwasher soap. I didn't buy it all at once as these items are expensive. I was taught to buy one thing that I didn't need every time I go to the store. If you don't do that, its a good time to start. Advice for life from my mom to use when this is over.

When I went to the store last week, I bought meat and fish to portion into meals for our small family, re-packaged it and popped it into the freezer. I can make about 45 suppers for us without leaving the house.

I didn't hoard or empty the shelves. My cart wasn't even full. Instead I bought the ingredients for ***meals***. This is the key... think meals rather than stuff. Pots or roasting pans of simple all in one meals. Otherwise you will end up with a lot of food, but not much to eat.

Breakfasts are Inspire Protein Shakes or Inspire Cinnamon Protein Squares - lunches for me are as always a small salad or a Believe drink or both, for my husband and aunt a tuna sandwich or a cup of soup as we did buy 12 cans of Progresso soup. Supper is our main meal that will consist of a protein that can be simmered, grilled or baked and a vegetable side. I bought 12 large bags frozen vegetables. Sheet pan suppers are very easy to make and they serve the entire family.

IF you are struggling with WHAT TO DO. First is to remain calm. This is a flu virus and at worst, if you are a healthy younger adult, you may have the flu.

IF you are getting ready to shop for additional supplies, this time sit down and make a list of things you know how to make to feed yourself or your family. Make things that you can eat for a supper, and then use as a leftover lunch. Buy one pound packages of ground beef to turn into a pot of Taco Soup or chili, chicken thighs and drumsticks for sheet pan meals, frozen Cornish hens to cut in half and roast, Italian sausage for sheet pan or grill, maybe a whole chicken or turkey to roast for multiple meals, an eye round roast beef that can be a roast beef supper plus lots of family sandwiches, a chuck roast for stew or pot roast, a Boston pork roast becomes pulled pork for days... those few items can be thawed and cooked to feed a family until we are out of the other side of this where we can see the light. Buy a bag of frozen chicken leg thighs even though you never made them. Think outside the box.

As a BARIATRIC PERSON, drink Inspire shakes instead of your daytime meals and eat your protein+vegetable= meal for supper. TAKE YOUR VITAMINS. If you have not been taking any vitamins, now is the time to start. The new J1 One per Day multis are on sale... GET SOME. Strong people are not as vulnerable. Virus's pick off the weak. Eat right, keep your surroundings clean, wash your hands, don't hang out with people you don't know all that well, STAY HOME, do not let your kids play with other kids or youll defeat the purpose, teach kids how to play cards, make sure you stay hydrated and you'll be fine. We will all be fine.

We can go outside the house and play golf - we live in a private community so we are quite isolated. I think fresh air and daily movement is important. My husband Ty and I play alone and I have Clorox wipes to clean the steering wheel and seat of the golf cart. It is getting warmer. Viruses do not thrive in heat - so lets hope Spring temps arrive sooner and it helps contain this. 

BE SAFE and take charge of what is within your control and have a great day. Someone who was trying to be a smarty pants, asked me yesterday what qualified me to tell people anything about COVID-19. A long long time ago my college specialties were in Medical Microbiology, Hematology and Blood Chemistry. It does not make me an expert but it does give me a great basis for a life of understanding. Take it or leave it. Peace.

IF you have some tips to share with others, please share them in our Support Groups on Facebook. We are all in this boat together!

April 03, 2020
Bariatric Recipes Advice, Rants & Support Podcast: Real Talk