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Inspire Coffeecake Crisp Bars


SOLD OUT - Back when Fall weather returns - they're here for a good time, not a long time!

Inspire Coffeecake Crisp Bars have a cinnamon latte cookie dough center that is dipped in a cream cheese flavored icing, rolled in crisps, and dipped again with a coffee drizzle!



We know you will agree that Inspire Protein Treats are the best protein bars you have ever tasted. Whether you are working on getting to goal or planning on staying there, Coffeecake Crisp bars are an ideal way to maximize protein intake - 15 grams of protein have been expertly blended with the right carbs to provide lasting energy for your day.

Taste is what makes these bars an integral part of Inspire Diet success. No more skipping meals or grabbing fast food because you're on the go. These delicious protein treats will satisfy your hunger, crush cravings and fuel fat burning.

7 bars per box - individually wrapped for portion control

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