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THE INSPIRE DIET - Week 4 Super Suppers!

THE INSPIRE DIET - Week 4 Super Suppers!

Susan Maria Leach  /  6/10/2019  /  Facebook  /  Twitter  / 

You love this food, your family loves this food, you're losing weight, life is good. Drop the mic. 

Another week of great food... are you beginning to understand how this works? Everyone loves this food... its not diet food, its good food. 

  • Monday: Baby Spinach Salad with Shrimp - NO RECIPE NEEDED! Make this any time you want something light and fresh. I keep a bag of baby spinach in the fridge! Add a few tomatoes a bit of shaved red onion and a few shrimp. Done. Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic.
  • Tuesday: Stuffed Pepper Soup - This is super delicious and has the exact flavors of my Grandma's Stuffed Peppers. I use a bit of Quinoa for body and its still super healthy and crazy good.
  • Friday: Leftover Stuffed Pepper Soup & Bariatric Italian Sub - NO RECIPE as this is just slices of very thin ham turkey salami and provolone layered on romaine with hot peppers and a drizzle of olive oil, vinegar and sprinkle of Italian seasoning.
  • Saturday: Smothered Pork Chops - A short cut dish, brown the meat and simmer in a jar of sauce. Super tender if you buy the right cut.
  • Sunday: Roasted Lemon Chicken - If you have never tried one, Perdue Cornish Hens are juicy and half of one is the perfect portion. This is a snappy lemon chicken recipe that you will make again and again.

This is Jello Sugar Free Vanilla Pudding. Make a batch from the box, the taste is FAR better than the kind in the plastic tubs.

I manage my sweet tooth with a sugar free dessert maybe once a week... NOT every night. This keeps me focused and on track, but mentally satisfied.

I never use real sugar and every now and then am thankful for a few berries, some sugar free jello or a small dish of sugar free pudding.

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