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Support your dental health after bariatric surgery and prevent teeth loss with these 3 simple steps

That's quite true because plant-protein is hard to swallow – it’s chalky, gritty and often has a strong aftertaste. It’s also hard to mix, even with a blender.

If you’re committed to success as a post-op, you've probably just had to drink it anyway. YOU KNOW YOU NEED YOUR PROTEIN!

"But Plant-Protein tastes horrible!"

What if you could whip up a rich, chocolately protein drink that goes down easy using nothing more than a shaker – or, in a pinch, a teaspoon? 

Inspire Mexican-Chocolate Plant-Powered Protein’s blend of ancient grains, pea and rice proteins with probiotics does just that. 

Susan Margarita

“Just had a Mexican Chocolate Inspire shake mixed with iced decaf, Deeelish! Tasted just like calorie-laden mocha drink at a certain unnamed specialty coffee joint! ”

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Power up your protein!

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Recommended for ages 3 and over. Keep out of reach of children unless under adult supervision.
No refrigeration needed. Store in a cool (<77°F), dry place and out of sunlight.




Power Up With Plants!

Bariatric surgery dramatically alters our digestive tracts. For some of us, that means foods we used to eat no longer work.


In addition to sugar and fat sensitivities, post-ops may experience difficulty digesting:

Inspire Mexican-Chocolate Plant-Powered Protein is the premier indulgence created with these limitations in mind. AND IT’S VEGAN. 

Organic cocoa, Oaxacan coffee, cinnamon and almonds blended with plant-based protein and all-natural stevia taste great with frothy plant milks, coffee or water – You decide!

“Mexican Chocolate is very chocolatey - dark and rich. I add it to everything to boost the chocolate factor. The flavor is wonderful. ”

Sandi Lynn Hooper

Stop drinking bad-tasting plant protein!





Sugar Alcohols

Power Up Your Protein!

How do we know? Raving fans tell us so!

Oh, Inspire Mexican Chocolate, you complete me. It is an obsession! I think I like it because the taste is different and not so sweet. OMG, LOVE IT.

Bolivia Joy Cox


Whether you are plant-based for ethics or necessity, Inspire Mexican Chocolate Plant-Powered Protein is the best-tasting vegan protein supplement on the market!


Vegan  Protein

No Animal Proteins 

Nothing Artificial 

No Splenda 

No Gluten 

No Sugar 

No Soy 

Everything You Want and Nothing You Don't

Ancient Grains, Pea & Rice Protein Isolates

Ganeden BC30®
Probiotic Blend 

0 Calorie Stevia

Clean, Natural Flavorings

14g Plant-Based Protein

170% DV Iron 

Because it’s naturally sweetened with stevia, you won’t experience the digestive upset that can come from artificial sweeteners. 

Just one serving gives you 14 grams of delicious plant-based protein that mixes up easily and helps you to achieve your nutritional goals. 

We take the extra time to get our protein finely textured. 


Stop drinking bad-tasting plant protein!