Official Back on Track… All Aboard for ‘BOT’ Round 2!

Bariatric Eating Back on Track plan BOT

You may have been busy the last time we started a BOT line dance, so here is your chance for another. The second best time to plant a tree is NOW. Let’s do it! 

If you’ve asked yourself ‘WHY am I not losing? I’m not eating differently!’ Let me share exactly what it takes to lose fifty pounds more than fourteen years after my bariatric surgery and has helped thousands of others to get Back on Track as well! The plan that is helping so many of us to lose weight (again) is  simply Old Fashioned Diet & Exercise fueled by Bariatric Surgery, Inspire protein drinks and our Kick Butt Bariatric Eating Support Group on Facebook!

Information is pretty thin stuff unless mixed with Experience.

Just one year ago I had a closet full of clothes. AND. NOTHING. FIT. ANYMORE. I was ashamed, astonished, upset, despondent and had to do something. I’m older and my body is different but I figured out how to lose serious pounds again. The Secret to Losing Weight AFTER Weight Loss Surgery is Diet & Exercise. Yes, the big bad Fad Diet that the negative Nellies get up in arms over is based on Diet & Exercise!

We are closing in on ten thousand members in our new Facebook Support Group who are excitedly posting of their ‘BOT’ or Back On Track successes. People are losing a lot of weight again. ‘BOT’ works!

It is hard to get the ball rolling but you have what it takes to dig in and do it. I know how you feel and what you face. Make up your mind and lets get moving. There are two parts… follow both and you will see that it is like flipping on the switch for weight loss. No kidding. Nothing like a fast ten pound weight loss for an attitude adjustment!

Reality Check. 
IF we made good food choices before bariatric surgery, we would not have been Morbidly Obese. The same denial works against us now. I tried telling myself I was not eating differently than I was ten years ago! You are trying to float that by folks too. Get real with yourself. I gained weight back because of my food choices. You know you are eating differently. Say it out loud. Admit it. Own it.

There are bariatric groups all over Facebook where they talk about how much they can eat, sugar doesn’t make them sick, that Mountain Dew doesn’t hurt them, compare notes on how many slices of pizza they can fit and how much of a Subway Sandwich they can eat. Until you admit YOU are the problem and take ownership of the situation, it’s pretty certain you will continue along the same path to where you started. This is where we split into two groups – the Dreamers and the Doers!

Removing choices to limit calories, carbs and sugar. Five Small Protein Meals a day – 4 of those consist of Protein Drinks and the last is a Healthy Protein & Salad Meal – this will limit your total caloric intake. This premise of protein drinks throughout the day paired with a healthy protein and vegetable supper is the cornerstone many successful diet plans, including world renown Johns Hopkins Hospital medically supervised weight loss programs. (there is a $6000 program fee to join and it’s an amazing program, but ours is free so you might want to try us *first*)

You can use any brand of protein drink to follow the plan but we use Inspire Protein Powder and my current pantry contains Vanilla, Strawberry White Chocolate, Banana Smoothie and Peanut Butter Cup. The satiety or ‘fullness factor’ of Inspire protein drinks is off the charts and they taste fantastic. Inspire is Liquid Willpower for me, it is applauded by nearly all in our Support Group and it should do the same for you! One bag of Inspire makes 20 drinks & at 4 per day, you will need 3 bags for your 2 week commitment, or 6 bags for your 4 week commitment. A much smaller investment than Nutrasystem! We do recommend a fifth shake to be used after supper IF nighttime snacking is a problem for you as it is for me. I drink an Inspire Peanut Butter Cup drink while watching The Real Housewives so I will stay out of the fridge. It’s a 100 calorie indulgence that works like a charm.

My Day
Breakfast – 1 scoop Inspire protein powder blended with about 6 ounces of Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond Milk or Skim Milk or Water. TIP: I am a reformed *lifetime breakfast skipper* I fix myself a huge mug of black coffee and at the same time blend an Inspire protein drink. Inspire is like a glass of chocolate milk, small and thin: and allows me to  ‘break the fast’ with protein. Glass – Milk – Powder – Stir – Sip
Mid Morning Protein Snack – 1 scoop Inspire protein powder blended with about 6 ounces of Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond Milk or Skim Milk or Water
Lunch – 1 scoop Inspire protein powder blended with about 6 ounces of Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond Milk or Skim Milk or Water
Mid Afternoon Protein Snack – 1 scoop Inspire protein powder blended with about 6 ounces of Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond Milk or Skim Milk or Water
Healthy Protein Supper – Bariatric Eating Menu for the Week
The easiest meal plan is Protein FIRST, followed by lower carbohydrate vegetables, fruits. Our ultimate goal is to transition to a really sensible healthy diet like you read about all the time.

For Back on Track the nightly meal consists of a grilled, broiled, pan seared, roasted or poached protein such as salmon, shrimp, cod, halibut, chicken, beef sirloin, turkey tenderloin served with seasoned lower carb vegetables or salad.

No bread, no potatoes, no tortillas, no rice, no rolls, no pasta, no high carb foods.
Do NOT drink with your meals. If you have been drinking with meals. STOP IT.
Drink 8 cups of water or zero calorie liquid daily. If it’s difficult for you, download our free Hydration app at

Here is your first week of evening meals. All recipes are linked on our site.
Monday – Salmon with Mango Salsa, broccoli
Tuesday – Asparagus Omelet, lettuce tomato salad
Wednesday – Chicken Cutlets, baby spinach salad
Thursday – Cheesy Meatball Skillet, romaine tossed with lemon, olive oil and parmesan
Friday – Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Saturday – Warm Shrimp Salad with Avocado
Sunday – Grilled Marinated Flank Steak, lettuce tomato salad

Download THIS Timer App
An easy, cool and free app for both Apple and Android is the Tabata Stopwatch Pro.
CLICK  for Tabata Stopwatch Pro 

Once Downloaded, program your segments as follows: Get Ready/10 seconds, WarmUp/2 minutes, Exercise/15 seconds, Rest/45 seconds. Number of Sets/6. I have mine on my iPad. It is slick. More important is that it is slick and EASY.

Tabata Stopwatch Pro Exercise

Tabata Stopwatch Pro for bariatric workout

Pain of Gain – hard. HIIT Workout – not hard. 
Here is the FAD DIET part people must be talking about. Our short burst HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout routine IS the easy way out. It’s easier than whining about not losing weight to Facebook friends and blowing through 1 or even 2 bariatric surgeries! (unless your lapband ate through your stomach, save the story. don’t. need. more. surgery! IF you think you have stretched your pouch, take our 48 Hour Pouch Reset to either confirm or rule out.

“Go ahead and Jump!” – David Lee Roth
I have forced my body to burn more calories! Period. We all think we have thyroid issues and bad metabolisms and while that may be true, we can either complain about it to all who will listen (cough cough victim) or we can get off the couch and actually DO something about it (shield-maiden).

Jacking up your heart rate a few times gets your metabolism working faster. It will make you happy, it will invigorate you, it will energize you, it will make you SMILE, it will make you so excited you will want to jump up and down when your time is over. Exercise will help your body burn more fat not just while you are exercising but due to the afterburn factor, you will idle at a higher speed for most of the day. I cannot tell you how just ten minutes a day has changed my life… take it from a former sofa slug! Try it… you absolutely won’t freakin believe it.

These boots were made for walkin
Begin walking to your favorite music that will play with your app and when the British guy tells you, stop and jump up and down for 15 seconds. Then resume walking for 45 seconds. Repeat this 5 more times. In 6 minutes you did more to fuel weight loss than if you had walked for an hour. I promise this works and it will blow your mind that it could have been this easy all along. I use the same Tabata Stopwatch Pro app while on the Elliptical machine in our clubhouse to do the same 15/45 second intervals! Fast… rest… fast… rest… fast… rest… six minutes… Three days a week.

THEN, Get a Dumb Bell! 
You’ll need one 8 pound dumbbell for this workout ($10 at TJ Maxx). Two days a week I do a short but intense BJ Gadour Ten Minute Torchers workout. When I have a busy work day if I don’t make it to the workout room across the street, I do this ten minute workout in my office or bedroom. This has absolutely made the difference for me.

People are always looking for miracles and this is your miracle! This is the magic. If you want to maintain your bariatric weight loss, or lose more weight, or lose what you have gained it takes a workout plan, but why not work smart.

IF you do not see the embedded video directly below in this post, reload your page. IF you are on a mobile or tablet click on this link to view it directly at Men’s Health Magazine website.     Click for Ten Minute Torchers at Mens Health.  (just be warned that it is a men’s website so the articles on the side of the page are all about women, sex, boobies, workouts, beer, sex and penises.)

The Skinny
It’s a beautiful thing and you’ll be So Proud when the fat begins to slowly melt away, almost as it did when you first had surgery. The clouds clear and the sun shines more brightly when you’ve got your Groove Back!

In just a few days you will feel better and notice a difference. In two weeks your clothes will fit differently and this great feeling will begin to pull your through this plan with EXCITEMENT instead of the PUSH that it will take right now.

This plan for weight loss after bariatric surgery is proven to work for either first time or regain. I have lost over fifty pounds that ‘I found’ after all these years, but more importantly I redirected my life. I am talking ‘tough love’ because I am the person who put away her skinny jeans that no longer fit and ignored the problem until I had to do something. I was the one in danger of failing.

My experiences can help you if you truly want to lose more weight or take control of a gain. This plan turns on the fat burning engines. No kidding. Let’s roll.

The only reason not to begin right now is fear of failure and I promise if you follow this, YOU WILL NOT FAIL. We got this one.

51 thoughts on “Official Back on Track… All Aboard for ‘BOT’ Round 2!

  1. Charlotte R. Sasser says:

    I had my surgery 10 yrs ago,Jan 2005. I have done well and weigh in at 144 starting weigh was 239.05. So I feel I Amin the 5% of those that keep it off.
    But I notice in the pass few weeks my eating habits have gone back to eating what I want when I want. Be fore I even gain I came across you diet plan and I m ready to get back on track with you. Thanks I start right now.

  2. Joan says:

    I had surgery in 2003 and lost 144 pounds. I have in the last 3 years, put 50 of that back on and the scale is just slowly creeping up. Thank you for calling me out on my food choices and lack of excercise! I now have a plan!

    • Tina says:

      I’m with you Joan. I’ve put on 50lbs myself. I just can’t seem to get motivated anymore.
      My days start out good but then I start sliding later in the day. 🙁

  3. Lola says:

    I had surgery in Dec 2013 and have lost 155 pounds. I just can’t seem to get the last 20 off. I exercise 5-6 times/week (weights and cardio), I haven’t touched fast food since before surgery (except an occasional – ie once every 6+ months – protein-style In & Out burger), and follow all the rules of water, vitamins, no processed food, etc. What I do blow now and then is the processed carbs and occasional sugar (read: donut). While my body lets me know when I’m “drunk” off sugar, it definitely isn’t healthy physically or mentally to yo-yo on the carbs. I’m going to try your one-week BOT plan to get me to goal! Thanks for your guidance!

  4. Dianewelch says:

    I had bariatric done and did great at forest and now the bad happiest are back thank you for being there I needed that and my nail person got me to look at the site so glad I did thank you so much ? ??

  5. jenn says:

    I just found your site through Pinterest! I am currently awaiting a date for sleeve surgery this fall, and I have found so much information to help make me successful. My support person and inspiration had bypass surgery 20 years ago has some pounds creeping back on and needs this plan! Thank you so much for all your help!

  6. HyGuys says:

    Thank you for this. I have had a revision in March and has lost nothing. I am going to try this because I am trying anything to get out of this deep depression.

  7. Denise Lee says:

    I cannot wait to start this today. I do have a couple questions. Can I due a protein bar in place of a shake one or twice a day? (I love Quest) and 2nd. Please directed me to your Facebook page. I can’t seem to find it.

  8. Yvette says:

    I have been doing a lot of stress eating this year while job hunting. So glad to find this Back On Track plan. Starting it today. I figure it’s cheaper to go back to the basics than to replace my clothes! I used to be very active as a member of the BE Support Group (as YMadeline). I miss it.

  9. Lilly says:

    I had my surgery in 2009. RNY. I went into surgery at 290 lbs on my 5’3″ frame. I went down to 146 Lbs at my lightest and thought I was fat, I still hated every part of me. I have worked a lot through those damaging self lies, but not before I got to 219 Lbs again. It is as hard to write this as it is to think of the enormity of this. But I have found hope in others that admit to regain instead of hiding it like I did. No more shame, let’s do this!

    • Mercy says:

      Lilly, thanks for sharing your post. I’m in a similar boat. I was 317lbs at 5’4″ on my surgery date in 2010. I had my RNY and I lost 165lbs, and got down to about 150. I was shocked that I still had all of the same body issues I had when I was heavy. Now everything was just floppy. Still, it did wonders for my mentality. LOL I did well for the first two years, started Roller Derby, and became very athletic. Then I moved to another town/state, stopped Roller Derby, and now I live with the love of my life — who is a man shamelessly loves to eat. It constantly challenges my self-control, and I’ve slid back up another 60lbs over the last few years.

      I hope you’ve had great success since you posted! I’m ready to stop being disappointed and ashamed in myself, and take responsibility for getting myself back together. I’m going to do this and get back on track! =D

  10. Claudia Uccello says:

    I want to start the back on track but I am severely limited in movement due to severe OA. every joint in my body is affected including my spine.,shoulders, feet , knees and hips. I can’t think of any exercise I can do effectively. Any ideas?

  11. Jennifer says:

    I’m making a firm commitment with God in my corner to incorporate a more serious positive self control cleaner eating habbits!!

  12. Janice says:

    Weight 326 at highest, had weight loss surgery an open procedure 2008. I am 5’3″ . Have never felt full with this pouch and think with 2 outlet obstruction post op that pouch was stretched then and accounts to never feeling that fullness that people talk about. Lowest weight 185. Now at 239. Started shakes and one small meal a day one week ago and have lost down to 232 in 1 week. Now my order has arrived and I am ready to move ahead. Want to loose 80 lbs. I am 66 years old.

  13. Donna says:

    I had lapband in 2009. I started out at 430 and lost down to 330. Then my world fell apart. My mother died and I stopped going and getting fills for the band. I started back 2 years ago getting the fills, but they have never been tight enough to do what I was expecting it to do. I know my band is stretched out… but yet I do have some resistance because I cannot eat very early in the day. And I still vomit if I eat pure protein without some type of liquid with it. The biggest thing is that I have learned to eat around my band with too many slider foods. I have to get this weight off. I’m back up to 396. And I hate that I have let this happen again. I still have my tool and I know I can do this! I need much prayer and encouragement please.

    • Cheryl says:

      you can do this Donna!!! I am starting this tomorrow – I had sleeve done 3 years ago today. Started at 280, got down to 198. Since then I have crept my way back to 232 by eating every wrong food there is. I am ready to take my life back and get this done for good!

  14. Susa says:

    BOT tomorrow!!! Doing the shakes that I have. I have one that is called “Genepro”. I put it in my coffee in the morning. 30 g. protein, 1 Carb and 0 sugars, 98 Calories.. Then I have Premier Protein- Vanilla 7 carbs, 3 sugars, 30 proteins, 180 calories. WOW, guess the first one is really the better choice. But, I have to finish the 2nd one too. Anyone with me??? you can email me

  15. barbara says:

    i had sleeve done 2 yrs ago start weight was 270 came down to 164 and have regain to 185 it frustrating a year ago today i had a heart attack and had a stent put in my heart so i was told no exercising i was just told i could do the treadmill about 2 month back but i haven’t started. i was also told not to eat to much protein cause it bad for your heart. so eating meat is a no no i only can have fish and chicken it is very hard.

  16. Terri says:

    I had open RNY in 2002, started out at 310 lbs, lost 130 lbs! I felt Great! Well here it is 2016 and because of poor eating habits that I have allowed I’ve found about 70 pounds and want to turn this around! I’m 61 years old. Joining our local recreation center next week. I have some bariatric protein powder I can start with. I lead a Very Sedentary life, sitting in a office behind a desk all day and eat dinner and sit at night, this has got to change!!!!

    • Diane says:

      I totally understand how you feel! I had surgery almost 7 years ago started at 404 lost 160 lbs in less than a year & since has regained 80lbs! So disgusted & mad at myself for slipping back into old habits! But Im feeling motivated to lost 100 & get down to my original goal weight! WE CAN DO THIS!!! would love support buddies if anyone is interested we can email & support each other 🙂

    • Alison Garcia says:

      HI Cindy, you most certainly can use Believe instead of Inspire for BOT. It’s a great way to be sure you get in your protein in the most delicious way.

  17. jess says:

    Do you know of any protein mixes that are more juice like vs creamy shakes. I have found the bottles you can buy but run upwards of $4 for 1 serving. I would love to find a powder I could mix myself. Some days I have a hard time gagging down the shakes and feel this is part of how I got off track. Excited to get back in track.

    • Chell says:

      this is my biggest thing…i’m a texture drinker/eater and the drinks are my main downfall, thus not being able to get my required protein in.

  18. Brittany says:

    Im ready to get back on track! But after reading this I’m wondering, Can you add Fruits and veggies to the shakes? Or at least some of them?

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      Brittany, noooooooooo… no Fruits to the shakes. Back on Track is meant to take your dietary down to bare bones and get you a JUMP START on weight loss. You start adding fruit and coconut and yogurt and chocolate syrup to your shakes and you are adding CALORIES that will slow your jump start. If you drink INSPIRE protein powder you dont NEED to fix up your shakes. – SML

  19. Sue says:

    Susan Maria Leach: I noticed your Tabata Pro had 12 sets posted. What guidelines did you use to make increases in sets? Thank so much for your time and energy in helping all of us!!

  20. Melissa says:

    Should you do the 4 shakes and one protein meal each day until you get to your goal weight then switch to normal meals for maintenance?

    • Sharon Ellis says:

      Had gastric bypass in 2004 was 305. Got down to 140. Have kept it off pretty good until the last year-and-a-half .My husband works third shift now for the last 4 years and I find myself grazing at night while he’s at work. I can relate to everyone’s stories. My present weight is 167. I know there’s no Magic Bullet but I feel I can get back on track with your program. I’ve started it twice this week, got sidetracked and today I’m back 99%. I will incorporate the exercise tomorrow morning. I’m 72yrs, and will be 73 in January. I don’t feel the age as much as I feel the weight .I’m a young 70 . I have a husband that’s 9 years younger than me and keeps me feeling young. He loves me no matter what but I need to get back on track and I thank you for all your support and I really feel that has helped 💯. I have read all the posts with these women going through the same thing that I am. it’s great to relate and be able to find help with this great website. Thank you all and God bless please reply

  21. Kathy says:

    I need to stop my grazing snacks at night!!! BOT seems like a great idea but when I was first sleeved, shakes made my weight loss slow way down. Any ideas? Also right now I’m fighting a foot ulcer which means little or no exercise allowed. Am I doomed?

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      You are not doomed, you just need to open your mind. In the beginning shakes DID NOT slow down your weight loss, that’s in your imagination. Unless you were putting in Fruit and turning them into calorie bomb milkshakes. With a foot ulcer you NEED the protein from a good quality drink like our Inspire protein drinks. Its not any drink that helps us, its the RIGHT protein drink. – SML

  22. says:

    Susan, I had RNY December 2008 and lost 115 lbs of my 140 lb goal. Over the past 8 years I have regained 20. I have been doing BOT for a week after the 48 hour reset. Ive lost 5 lbs. My goal is to lost 40 lbs. I go to the gym and exercise 3 to 4 days a week for 1 hr. Im thinkibg about trying your 6 minutes exercise but I have plantar fascitis in my feet and wonder if I can do those jumps? Thanks for you wonderful inspiring article!!!

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