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The Inspire Diet: Easy Button for Weight Loss

The Inspire Diet: Easy Button for Weight Loss

Suzanne Shaw  /  5/20/2019  /  Facebook  /  Twitter  / 

Every single day in our Facebook Support Groups we see well meaning post-ops working hard but not quite understanding why the pounds aren't melting off.

Here's the Easy Button....


Seriously. If you are trying to lose weight, KEEP THINGS SIMPLE. Seems silly right to say this, right? When following the Inspire Diet to the point of lasting success, the trick is build SIMPLE meals.

Everyday we see posts in our support groups from frustrated people just like you confused about WHY they aren't losing weight with their meal yet they are make food like this.

With all due respect to the person who was proud of this meal, lets take a look at how it is built.

  • 2 ounces Corned Beef
  • 2 ounces Swiss Cheese
  • 1 tablespoon Mustard
  • Served between Inspire Pancakes prepared as directed.
  • Side dishes: 1/2 cup Cottage Cheese and 1/4 cup Black Bean Hummus

So what's wrong with that?  It's TOO MUCH.

The *sandwich* alone sort of fits the bill of being a low carb meal, but the cheese on it contains more calories than the meat and contains fewer grams of protein.

THEN there's side dishes? Isn't that protein filled, dense sandwich enough food? If not...why cheese? Cottage Cheese is not a side dish. It's a small meal in itself. But let's ask ourselves why is cheese a go-to side dish for someone who is battling regain? It happens daily in our groups. And in this case....why on earth top it with Hummus?

BOTH cottage cheese and hummus are considered SLIDERS. Meaning they slide down quickly and digest easily in our pouches and sleeves. The faster things go down....the faster we lose our satisfaction. So WHY top an already calorie and protein dense meal with MORE calorie dense foods that aren't going to help with things like fiber, micronutrients and aid in lasting satisfaction?

HINT: VEGETABLES are an acceptable side dish and provide ALL of those things for about 20 calories.

Our eye ball estimate has this sandwich like meal coming in at about 470 calories.

That's a BIG chunk of the 1000 calories recommended by ASMBS for post-op weight loss. So why? WHY do we all think that every meal needs sides? HOW did we twist our Dr's advice to focus on protein to thinking that we must avoid ANY food that doesn't have protein to the point where we're eating 200 calories in addition to an already high calorie meal because cottage cheese and hummus have a marginal amount of protein and are technically low carb.

When we eat like this, we fail to stay at goal (or fail to even GET THERE) by buying into the popular belief that PORTION CONTROL is all we need.


Sadly, I can promise you that since I learned the hard way, that you CAN Regain 150 pounds AND not even make it to goal in the first place from eating smaller portions of the foodyou used to eat.

SO.....Now what? It's up to you to CHANGE the narrative.

Dinner is a SIMPLE equation.


Keep the cool casseroles for a weekly treat (skip the 4 side dishes you pinned on Pinterest) and make your Monday thru Saturday dinners simpler than simple.

Here's how my family has been eating since I got to solid foods....

  1. Monday: Roast a pan of chicken thighs on Monday. Serve it with a side salad.
  2. Tuesday: Heat left over chicken, add some bbq sauce and steam a bag of frozen green beans.
  3. Wednesday: Make a bowl of Sugar Free Jello before work and at supper time grab all that lunch meat you've been stock piling and set up a Low Carb Sub bar with some lettuce leaves and let your family build their own.
  4. Thursday: Run into the grocery store and grab a pound of ground beef, 3 small zucchini and a big jar of a marinara sauce that does not have sugar listed as an ingredient. While the ground beef is browning, skip the freaking Zoodler and grab a knife to SLICE the zucchini as it takes 60 seconds. Toss the rounds into the pan with the sauce and cook until you like the texture of the zucchini. It takes no more than 20 minutes from front door to table AND IT'S DELICIOUS. WHY fight this when its simple?
  5. Friday: LEFTOVERS. And yes...there will be extras your family can build plates of this and that. NO need to make Tater Tots or something to "go with it" unless its a handful of that Salad mix from the other night.
  6. Saturday: Consider this your night to get FANCY. Pick up a bag of Salad and a Roisterrie Chicken on the way home from all those stupid errands that kill your will to cook. Make Meatloaf. Or a Roast. Or that Cheeseburger Pie. But have a side salad or ONE veggie. Hey...since it's Sunday splash out and make a bowl of Sugar Free Jello for dessert. And PLEASE SKIP THE SUGAR FREE COOL WHIP. Remember you are on a diet and need to lose weight.

You cannot eat like its Thanksgiving Dinner EVERY DAY. That sort of thinking is how you found your Bariatric Medical Team.

So there it is.

Easy simple meals that with the exception of #7 will take you less than 30 min.

See? You can do this. I promise. Use your time on the Inspire Diet to do more than drop pounds. Use it to CHANGE so you don't have to keep ON the Diet to "finally" lose the weight for good "this time".

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