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What Do I Order at Starbucks???

What Do I Order at Starbucks???

Susan Maria Leach  /  3/7/2019  /  Facebook  /  Twitter  / 

What to order at Starbucks?

Here is a story and an answer. Several years ago, I made some permanent changes to all things Starbucks. I stopped ordering 'skinny' drinks and made a new rule to never go through the drive though.

I became super ill and could have easily had a car accident after drinking what I thought was a Venti 'Sugar Free' Vanilla Latte I procured from the Starbucks drive thru.  I now realize that the barista used regular syrup instead of sugar free in my drink. I have watched them do this while standing at the counter - hey I get it, they are busy and make mistakes - and I said STOP. In the drive thru I cant see what goes into the cup! After drinking and driving for fifteen minutes, I started to feel faint, got hot then cold and clammy and then passed out while stopped at a red light. I was awakened by horns blowing and managed to pull into a parking lot. I called my husband for help seconds before locking my car doors and falling asleep.

THE FACTS: None of us really knows what goes into the cup unless we can watch it ourselves. I am super sensitive to added sugar as I have a gastric bypass and must be vigilant. I am now happy to order a Venti House Coffee and add some milk and cinnamon at the fixing station. I trust NO ONE unless I can watch them. It's my life. This incident happened about the time I had made the decision to stop making excuses for my regain and cut out the stupid calories. 

Here is THE SKINNY on what we have been drinking, thinking was okay. Take a look at the numbers on some of the most popular drinks that sound 'yummy' and are so easy to justify at the time. If you have one of these a day on the way to or from the office you'll soon wonder why you are at a STALL.  Remember that weight loss or weight gain is pure math - 500 extra calories a day, 3500 extra calories a week is a gain of ONE POUND. A fancy Starbucks latte a day for a year can literally account for a 50 pound weight gain. On the flip, CUT OUT 500 calories a day and you can LOSE 50 pounds in a year.  

Venti Vanilla Latte - Calories 320 - Carbs 46 - Sugar 44
Venti Iced White Chocolate Mocha - Calories 560 - Carbs 73 - Sugar 71
Venti Chai Latte - Calories 310 - Carbs 56 - Sugar 53

Even a simple "Skinny" Latte has more carbs than you realize - the added sugar is from the whip and sprinkles! Just say no to those. Here move your lips and practice saying NO WHIP NO SPRINKLES PLEASE. It's easy. 

Skinny Caffe Latte - no whip, no sprinkles - Calories 131 - Carbs 19 - Sugar 17

TO RECAP: Remember that we LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee and LOVE LOVE LOVE Starbucks, but to keep the weight coming off, try one of these instead. They are just as wonderful and you can sip them while proudly wearing your smaller pants.

Iced or Hot Cafe Americano
Coffee, both iced or hot. 
Fat free milk latte
Unsweetened almond milk latte
Fat free milk cappuccino
Unsweetened almond milk cappuccino

The Best Choice? Keep it SIMPLE with a cup of coffee. You can add a little milk, Splenda or Truvia and top with a pop of flavor with Cinnamon or Nutmeg... learn to love the flavors of simple food and drink and the weight will literally melt away. 

Starbucks Coffee - Calories 5 - Carbs 0 - Sugar 0

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