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YES! Our Desserts Have Some Flour. There is a bit of Bread in the Stuffing too. Here's Why it is Going to Help You.

YES! Our Desserts Have Some Flour. There is a bit of Bread in the Stuffing too. Here's Why it is Going to Help You.

Suzi Shaw  /  11/12/2019  /  Facebook  /  Twitter  / 

I would like to address something that's come up a few times in email and on our Facebook Support Groups as we approach yet another holiday season. My fifteenth in fact. 

Many of our amazing dessert recipes include flour plus artificial sugars and baking blends like Splenda and Truvia. The reason these recipes exist is because we can not live in a vacuum after weight loss surgery. 

We do this because we need options that will please our families. This is a fact whether you are ready to face it or not.

No one who is more than 2 months post-op should need separate food made just for them at a family gathering. What kind of message does that send to you? How does that make you feel? And if you are shaking your head reading that… read it AGAIN, as that line is meant for YOU.

What does making separate meals and dishes say to your family members who may have cautioned you against having surgery in the first place? It screams that you had surgery and now you can't eat like a normal person.

What does that tell our young children? It not only tells them that Mommy has to eat special food but that its not good for them to eat!

That's certainly not the message I want to project on a special occasion or family holiday. Frankly, the eating patterns that it takes to become Morbidly Obese in the first place are often learned in our Childhood. Do you want your kids or grandchildren to follow you through that bariatric surgery operating room door? I sure don’t.

I bake two or three times a year unless there is a party I will be attending. There’s no reason to keep cake in the house every week, but it can remain a tradition when there is a tree with lights and pretty ornaments standing in your living room.

That's where these recipes come in handy. This is the point I need you to follow and think about. 

Each recipe has been developed and tested more times that you would ever imagine so the result has the best flavor & texture possible. These recipes were eveloped by our founder Susan Maria Leach, a cooking professional who has been nominated for culinary awards for her specialty style of cooking.  Its no accident that when you make our other recipes like Cheeseburger Pie your family licks their plates clean. It's because we know what we are doing when we create a recipe.

This Holiday Season bake our amazing Lemon pie, try the easy Cheesecake or that fabulous Pumpkin Roll.

When the Grandkids come over to bake cookies, use one of the many no sugar cookie recipes from our website! Then you won't have to white knuckle your way through the afternoon and even more important is that later that day, you can sit and eat them with the children you are entrusting with holiday traditions. 

When you take the time to make one of our Desserts,  make sure you serve it on your prettiest platter and dish it out to your family after dinner with great pride and fanfare.

With a bariatric pouch or sleeve full of all the great lean protein and healthy veggies from the actual dinner you won't be able to have more than 3 or 4 bites of a small sliver of the dessert. This is why we eat to listen to our Pouch or Sleeve and not what's on the plate. And NO this is not Everything in Moderation. Moderation isn't eating a slice of no sugar pie once every four months at a holiday. Moderation is the excuse you use to justify eating break room doughnuts, or store bought pie OR candy from the office jar once or twice a week.

Why it is important that you actually do this

If you choose and prepare our wonderful holiday recipes, you will be able to enjoy an entire meal with your family and not feel like a freak in the corner eating a plastic cup of premade pudding when everyone else is saying 'oh my my' over Fresh Baked Apple Pie  (and yes…we have a bariatric friendly whole family recipe for that too!) 

Trust me as this isn't my first rodeo and we've been doing this for 20 years now. Every single holiday on Facebook we have bariatric post ops who proudly post that they are making their famous sugar bomb pie “for everyone” but they will have “a sugar free pudding cup to stay on track” . Then two months later post a sorrowful tale about gaining weight over Thanksgiving (or Christmas, or Easter, or 4th of the July) because they binged and fell off track and face first right into “everyone’s” pie.

Make one of our No Sugar Pies for everyone. Make a plate of No Sugar Added Chocolate Truffles (YUP, we've got that recipe too and I guarantee they are above and beyond Sugar Free Russell Stover candy). If dessert isn't your thing, make a pan of REAL stuffing thanks to our fabulous Aunt Gail and her Sausage & Apple Stuffing. (See a theme yet?) Have some after your turkey fills your pouch. Have it at the end. You won’t obsess over it in the house because you will be FULL and can make the smart choice to stick with your plan since you already had pie.

Motivation and Will Power aren't real.  Success comes from CHOICES you make.

That's why good quality holiday foods like these are important for us to have on hand. It's so we look and feel normal. If you really are being honest, you didn't have weight loss surgery to stand out MORE in your life, did you? Chances are you were tired of being "different" on at least one level. It's time to realize that participating with others on a special holiday like Thanksgiving and Christmas is actually what the holiday is for. It's not about sneaking spoonfuls and slivers from every full sugar dessert on the table onto your plate and then feeling like crap for eating them. 

When people ask us 1032 times if we are SURE we are ok with Just Coffee while everyone else is eating cake, OR stare at us a little too long as we slowly peel back the foil on a cup of jello with a frown on our face when everyone else is passing sticky toffee pie with chocolate frosting, its NOT because they don't get it.

Then WHY do they ask us about having taboo foods so many times?

  • NO they are NOT jealous.
  • NO they are not trying to sabotage you.
  • NO they don't understand how WLS works.
  • NO they aren't trying to NOT be supportive.


Stop it.

You really are being odd and making yourself stick out.

You may not realize it, but you spent most of the meal glaring at Uncle Richard's plate heaped with a pile of mashed potatoes so tall the gravy ran right off the plate and onto the tablecloth. You stared with a sideways glance and a slight downturn on your lips as your cousin Janet had a FIFTH roll. They noticed you were watching. Think back to how YOU felt when people looked at YOUR plate full of food you dished when you were your largest weight. How many times did you say things like "Diet Starts Tomorrow!" as you used the serving spoon to shove over the Mac and Cheese to fit more Marshmallow Sweet Potato Casserole on your plate but somewhere inside you sort of died a little bit? 

So humor us. Take our advice as we've been there, done that, and cried afterward when we didn't have enough Willpower to be Perfect. No one expects perfection. Will power is made up. Make the choice to at least make a delicious dessert YOU can share and eat with everyone else.


STOP telling people it’s Diet Food, Bariatric Friendly, Bari-Friendly, BE Friendly, Inspire Approved, Sugar-Free, all Natural, HEALTHY HEALTHY HEALTHY or Healthy. You never told anyone here was a pound of Velveeta in the Mac & Cheese PLUS cheese on top and all the butter to make the bread crumbs crispy, so why would you tell anyone that the Cranberry Sauce is made with Truvia?

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