Sure it’s an amazing Transformation, but it’s not Magic. Can you handle the truth? Here’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 

Betcha Can’t Eat Just One
I am horrified by some of the stories new post ops tell of eating foods that I wouldn’t have dreamed of eating when I first had my bariatric surgery back in 2001. What is the difference? FEAR!

The Truth About Bariatric Surgery

What was it like in the olden days, Mr. Peabody?
Back then, no one knew what to expect. There were no suggestions for meals, or guidelines, no real rules, remember that there was barely an internet twenty years ago. No living breathing examples of post ops, other than Carnie Wilson, who was fresh from her Playboy layout. I remember watching her give a TV interview while making a dessert with Sweetened Condensed Milk, licking it from her fingers and calling it ‘Liquid Gold’. I also recall thinking ‘that girl is in trouble’.

MO on thin ice!
Back in the year 2000, having bariatric surgery was like walking across a frozen lake, never being sure if the next step would crack the ice, and plunge us into the icy water. We didn’t know anyone who had actually been across the lake before – we were on our own inching along tentatively, scared to death of what could or would happen.

Scott Disak at 1OAK
Today, there are all kinds of people on the other side of the frozen lake rooting you on, having a party with confetti and they’re all drinking Diet Cokes. Come on – walk faster! Don’t worry! The ice is THICK! Don’t be scared!

Temptation Island
Have an Oreo, we’re all having Oreos. You deserve to eat an Oreo! We are eating Oreos and look at us! We’re losing weight. Don’t listen to those people trying to scare you! You didn’t have surgery to be on a diet for the rest of your life! Go ahead, have a sandwich, it’s whole wheat bread! HAVE A PIZZA MADE WITH A TORTILLA… EVERYTHING IN MODERATION! Potatoes are vegetables, have some! Would you like a Diet Mountain Dew? I drink soda and I have lost 75 pounds in four months, I must be doing something right!

Misery Loves Company
If others are doing it, it cant be that bad! Can it? Isn’t this how we arrived at the doorstep of bariatric surgery to begin with; by ignoring the reality of our actions? Why, yes it is! Let’s find others who are also pushing it and not doing what they are supposed to be doing. IF they are still alive maybe I can get away with it too!

The Readers Digest Version (ask your mother)
Bariatric surgery drastically reduces the amount of food you can stuff into your mouth and ultimately your stomach – and for about SEVEN MONTHS you can effectually eat just about anything and still lose ONE HUNDRED POUNDS!

You can literally not move a single muscle and eat whatever you want (that doesn’t come back up) and because your stomach has been made so small you can actually lose ONE HUNDRED POUNDS!

Now the Hidden Truth
Please listen as this is critical – you are not driving the bus for the first seven months after surgery, even though you may think so. It is the surgery doing the work! What you do with the massive head start that bariatric surgery provides is up to you.

IF you take it upon yourself to learn what ‘eating right’ actually means – it takes a while to get the hang of it, even though it is simple it does take planning and effort…

IF you figure out a way to motivate yourself to move your big ole butt at least a little bit on 3 out of 7 days a week, even if it’s just parking further out in the lot at the office…

IF you somehow look inside yourself and figure out that you may have an underlying issue which is the cause of your eating – that this is not really about food for you and take the even bigger step to work it out with a therapist…

IF you put your hands over your ears and ignore the Oreo Eaters who do not realize they are following false Oreo gods and hanging with the WRONG CROWD…

You will have an amazing opportunity to overcome and even reverse the death sentence of Morbid Obesity!

The Truth about Bariatric Surgery:
Bariatric surgery gives you about SEVEN MONTHS to easily take off ONE HUNDRED POUNDS to lighten your load and give a boost to your self-esteem, while you get your act together and learn how to eat right. Drop the Mic.


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34 thoughts on “The Truth About Bariatric Surgery!

  1. Betty Ann Rosengrant says:

    I had my RNY surgery done about 5 years ago ,give or take , lost a good amount but, put some weight back on . Am interstred in what you have ,would love to find a great Protien drink . Thank You

    • Margaret says:

      Protein drinks are fine early on but after 5 years a protein drink will be many easily ingested calories. Liquids do not stay in your stomach and give you a full feeling. While you need plenty of water, drinking calories is not a good idea. Better to get your protein in foods.

      • Susan Leach says:

        Thanks but you did not carefully READ what I said. IF you cannot EAT ample protein, you must make up the difference take it in SOMEHOW. The crazy high numbers of those with longterm weight gain is NOT because all these people consume too many protein drinks… fat chance of that, lol. It’s because they don’t use Protein First to stay full and control portion, instead choosing to go back to bread, tortillas, pizza, soda, ice cream, foods that created their obesity. You are either a new post op (meaning less than five years) or you are someone watching this from the sidelines (a dietician or nutritionist or non-op). In the trenches, what I have said is both accurate and fact.

        • Beverly Boulianne says:

          ABSOLUTELY>>>> thank you for setting some people straight. It really strikes the wrong nerve to hear how some people think it because we consume to much protein…It is just as you answered them.. old habit hard to break…eating wrong foods..same one that put the weight on to begin with.. Its stay clean eating and all stays well. I hit the snag in the raod and regained 27 lbs….But. I said enough is enough….back to the proper way of eating…have 15 lbs left to drop…not worth the rotten junk food….healthy living and being healthy is the BEST… Thanks……

  2. Andrea says:

    Had my surgery done 8 yrs. ago lost 186 lbs. but went through difficult times and grained 60 lbs back I drink my protein ” pure protein ” is the best but I have not been able to get back on track.

  3. lori says:

    I’m 10 months out of my bariatric surg. My weigh Los has been steady so far. I haveost 80 lbs. I know what has helped me is eating good healthy protein with high fiber fronts and vegies. I also go to the gym and exercise 3x a week. If I miss days I will walk. Keeping a healthy routine has to be part of your new life. Surg. Is not mention to be quick fix and you sit Back and do nothing. You are going to fail if you keep that mentality. Remember to also get invloved in a good weight loss support group for bariatric post. Surg. It helps with all the emotional struggles we all come up against. I wish everyone the best of luck and keep your head high. you took the hardest step already. Now we all need to stay motivated with positive energy around us.

  4. Laken says:

    I loved your article. I’m almost two months out and nearly down 40 pounds. I eat protein in everything I eat. I find a way to add protein, and it doesn’t go into my grocery cart unless it has a decent amount of protein.

  5. Carolyn says:

    I have. A problem I have not seen addressed here before, my surgery was December 6th 2014. I have lost 120 lbs. my bmi was 30 when I started it is 16 now which is to low. I can’t eat more then a couple spoons full before the pain starts. It seems like I am sick or in pain every time I eat, so I am still losing weight. In june 2015 my Dr. Did a scope and dilation, it helped for a short time, he did it again last week. So far it is ok, I know all the rules and. Follow them, this is not part of the ‘Honey Moon period”. I was told to eat calories so I am trying to that that means things I would not be eating yet.. Has any one else gone thru this? There are times when wish I had not had the surgery. I look anorexic and old.

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      Carolyn, you are going to need to take in some easy calories to stop weight loss. You also need serious protein. I HIGHLY recommend you choose a couple bags of our Inspire Whey Protein Isolate, to blend with whole milk, and drink at least 3 or 4 of them a day. You need easy liquid calories right now if your BMI is 16. Inspire is thin in texture and the shakes are small. They will be easy for you to drink. It sounds like you could have some adhesions or scar tissue that is causing this pain. – Susan Maria

    • Robin says:

      I have experienced something similar to this several months ago. After some research I decided to try going grain free and especially gluten free. It made a difference for me.

    • Bodie says:

      Have you had your gall bladder checked? I went through the terrible pain you described. it ended up that I needed to have my gall bladder removed. Please get it checked. I was miserable before I had it removed. It has been 3 weeks since my gall bladder was removed and life is soooo much better. Good luck!

    • Victoria says:

      Carolyn I had this exact problem! I had the robotic assisted RNY in 2009. My BMI was just about off the charts and I weighed in at 338lbs at surgery day. Little pain, easy surgery, couldn’t wait to get going on my “new” life. Within weeks the nausea hit and extreme pain after eating. I had 3 dilations in 18 months. Literally no one could figure it out and my bariatric surgeon was becoming frustrated. I couldn’t eat just anything. There was no rhyme or reason. 2 years later I weighed in at 132lbs and I was honestly anorexic, exhausted, malnourished. While on vacation, I had to have emergency surgery. I continued to lose weight and my gastro doctor recommended medical marijuana to increase desire to eat. Everything had to be high calorie and I needed to eat every 2 hrs. Over time I was able to regain some weight and felt really good at 165lb. I looked much better and felt great. Fast forward, I now have about 50lbs to lose. I am disheartened but I also know I can lose it again. Except I have triggered the nausea and pain back. I’ve come to accept this is the way my body works. I don’t regret the RNY but I do caution people considering bariatric surgery to really, really think about what they are doing and how they are permanently changing their body.

  6. Kim says:

    I had my surgery nearly 4 1/2 years ago. I started at 235 (I’m 5’2″). My BMI was 43 when I started. I quickly lost 125 and was down to 110 and in a children’s size 14. I, like Carolyn, lost too much weight. My doctor told me I had to find something high calorie that I could eat to at least maintain my weight or he would have to place a feeding tube. I could not eat carbs, they made me so sick to my stomach. I found I could eat peanuts. For about a year I ate 5 pounds of peanuts a week just to maintain. About 4 months ago I started consuming carbs again and I’ve now gained weight. This morning I weighed 133. Reading your article scared me. I need help and do not know where to turn. I find myself emotionally eating again. In the beginning when I “couldn’t” emotionally eat it was a “piece of cake”. Do you have advice for me? This struggle is real. It’s true. I do not want to go back up the scale. Thank you for your honesty and transparency.

  7. Miki_Chris1196 says:

    I want to Thank you Susan for helping me to get Back on Track and not just that but for helping me learn all the things I didn’t learn from my surgeon and bari clinic. I never worked out and ate the wrong foods ~ albeit small amounts ~ and thought I was fine. I am about 20 lbs up from my lowest weight, which was not even yet my goal weight. I have fought hard to lose my first 10 pounds of regain (it took a month) but that is fine. I didn’t give up and have lost one more pound. I will continue to workout daily (and actually feel better when I do) and live the protein first veggies to follow lifestyle. I have been alternating between shakes and protein/veggies diet depending on what I am doing at work and what I cooked the night before. I will continue to fight and win the war on obesity! Thank you for giving of yourself to so many people! You have changed my life for the better by telling the truth and setting me straight!

  8. Angela says:

    I love, love, love inspire protein. This is the best tasting protein drink I have ever had. I just wish that I could walk in a store and buy it. I am so impatient . I so appreciate this website. I am so messed up in my metabolism. It has been hard for me to lose. I’m hoping with exercise and BOT will work for me.

  9. June says:

    All whey protein drinks make me feel ill almost immediately. They also affect my irritable bowel very quickly. I am 9 months post surgery and have trouble getting enough protein.
    I make the drinks with water but it makes no difference. Will we ever be able to buy your products in Australia?
    Thanks for you great info.

    • CINDI says:

      I have a lot of trouble with the protein shakes and seem to be lactose intolerant so I decided to switch to soy milk which is fine but I’m not getting enough calcium and vitamin D so I have to take more supplements. I have found that if I eat eggs for breakfast I tend to feel full for a long time and there are a lot oF protein in eggs I also enjoyed meat if you’re a vegan, the best advice that I can give is to mix your protein shake with water it doesn’t taste great but at least you’ll get your protein I have also used fruit juice with my protein shakes and I use Crystal Light orange-flavored to mix with vanilla protein shakes and it taste like a creamsicle. I have been doing great and for months about 80 pounds and I feel like a million bucks. Getting my protein has been difficult because I really don’t like the taste of the protein shakes. I think I’m going to try this protein shake and see how it goes for me. I wish you all the best of luck with the surgery and your post op. it’s difficult but so far I’ve found that is absolutely the best thing I have ever done for myself

  10. Stephanie O. says:

    You hit the nail on the head! I have seen so many of the Oreo eaters on WLS FB groups and when I comment they come back calling me the food police! I am 3 yrs post gastric sleeve and researched post op eating and what causes regain. I also worked with a Bariatric psychologist to identify and work on my food issues. For mr WLS was a last resort to help me regain my health! I never wNt to take it for granted again! I am not perfect and yes I have made bad choices at times but I work hard at making the right choices 90% of the time.

  11. Debbie says:

    I have issues with carbs and ice cream nitetime candy I have good habits in day but cheate after dinner I have to lose 10 pounds to have my surgery currently at 2:35 I have a fourth that needs operation bone spurs and ankle pain other leg has a knee issue so hardly walking

  12. Donna says:

    I have a question Sometimes when I drunk cyst all light I get a burning feeling in my stomach. I had my gastric bypass 13 yrs ago lost 106pds. Regained 20. Then found your site I started reset and bot. Lost the 20 and now just 10 odd away from my original goal set my doctor all those yrs ago. Thankyou

  13. Teresa ashe says:

    I’m in process of starting my journey of this surgery jam 120 lbs over weight but Iam scared to death of the lose skin most have any advice for me?

  14. says:

    Cris no tengas miedo de verdad nose siente dolor un poco de molestia se puede controlar no todo los cuerpo son iguales yo llevo un año y seis meses y me siento fabulosa

  15. Trish says:

    I am just starting this process and honestly some of the problems discussed here scares the me. Wondering if this is the right path ti take.

    • Diane says:

      I the same place as you. I the beginning of this journey but after reading a lot of the posts i am wondering if this is the best thing for me to do it has scared me.

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