• PumpkinPie2-pic

    Pumpkin Pie… New INSPIRE Protein Powder!

    Inspire Pumpkin Pie protein powder
    Try NEW Inspire PUMPKIN PIE protein powder! 

    There is something about September and October where I feel the seasons change and automatically crave my favorite warm pumpkin spice flavors. When we asked you for flavor suggestions for our super popular INSPIRE Protein Powder, you chose ... Read more »

  • Carved Thanksgiving Turkey

    Roasted Turkey – Breast Down

    Make a super moist turkey that everyone at the table will love and a Bariatric Post Op will be able to eat! The secret is UPSIDE DOWN... you have heard about it for years... this Thanksgiving give it a try. The difference is unbelievable!

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Bariatric Eating Celebrates 14 Years of Bariatric Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving food brings families together. After weight loss surgery, start new traditions with flavorful Bariatric Friendly dishes that are more in line with your new life. 'Been There & Done That' advice on good choice foods, tricks for making the moistest turkey, lower carb stuffing & sides, sugar free cranberry sauce that's off the chain and the best sugar free pumpkin pie and cheesecakes on the planet.

We even offer Emotional Support for dealing with the biggest food holiday of the year. There are a lot more Thanksgivings in life so it makes sense to learn how to live beautifully within our bariatric means! See all our Thanksgiving articles...

What is Your Bariatric IQ?

How much do you really know about the bariatric process… the surgery, the nutrition, the benefits, the pitfalls. Twenty questions… multiple choice. At the bottom of the page, CLICK THE LINK to read the questions with best answers highlighted along with an explanation. Let us know your score in Comments!  Any perfect scores? BE Proud!

Avoid The Top 10 Post Op Mistakes

No one said this was easy. It definitely takes more than just surgery to break old habits, create new behaviors and find new foods to love while working through emotional eating or underlying issues. It takes serious commitment. One would think that surgery alone would mean one is fully committed but it does not. We are here to help you find your path. No matter how fast or successful you were in initially losing weight, these ten things can sink you!