• Best Breakfast for Weight Loss? HIGH PROTEIN. Ham and Mushroom Omelet.

    Best Breakfast for Weight Loss?

    Okay, so we have all heard this before but since we had surgery to lose weight, MAYBE, just maybe we should try a non surgical means of support as well. The best breakfast for Weight Loss? The answer is PROTEIN.

  • Shrimp Caesar for Bariatric Eating

    Shrimp Caesar. Et tu Brute!

    A classic salad on nearly every menu that is very Bariatric Friendly. The newsflash is that you can make a better version in your own kitchen. A go-to dish when it is Too Hot To Cook!

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Med News. Week 3. Regain. How many Dumbbells are you carrying?

Bariatric Regain. How to lose that weight. While these first few weeks are a bariatric ‘boot camp’, it will evolve from a diet into a lifestyle once we can make a dent in the regain. Right now there is no mistaking that it’s a diet as there’s nothing better for attitude than a visible difference in the mirror. Plus Happy is the easiest way to create more Happy! We are already noticing the small changes where we are standing taller and feeling better that are fueling us forward.

Protein 101

Many of us never put a protein shake to our lips before our weight loss surgery and suddenly they are our life. Not all protein is the same. There is a reason many are cheap – there is a reason many taste bad – there is a reason your hair is falling out – there is … Read more »

FINALLY… SML does Vanilla!

That melted lick of vanilla ice cream you go for first? That's the taste of new Inspire Vanilla. You really won't believe its protein!

One scoop blended into just 1/2 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk or even water will blow your mind. Pop.