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Celebrate our 14th Bariatric Christmas... Help for the Holidays!

Our fondest memories often center on holidays. We have family traditions that make our celebrations special and food is typically the basis of these customs. Most of us fear that our family holiday celebrations are over once we have had bariatric weight–loss surgery. This is not true!

See our suggestions and support for Christmas and holiday dinners and parties, prepared with love to celebrate the spirit of our new health and happiness! Read More...

Apricot & Cherry Bow Tie Christmas Cookies – Sugar Free

These are the Christmas Cookies that were always in a big tin on my grandmothers kitchen table. I remember baking them with my mother every year and even though she’s gone, these are the holiday memories I hope you are making with someone that you love. They are also delicious, flaky and sugar free!

Why Bariatric Protein is Important

Follow me on this one. Food contains NUTRIENTS that runs your body. With Bariatric Surgery, you lose 100 pounds in 7 months due to FORCED MALNUTRITION as your new stomach holds just 1/2 a cup of food. Every bite has to count unless you want your organs to shrivel up and your body to be so tired you can’t hold up your head.

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