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Pain of Regain. Week 3. How many Dumbbells are you carrying?

Bariatric Regain. How to lose that weight. While these first few weeks are a bariatric ‘boot camp’, it will evolve from a diet into a lifestyle once we can make a dent in the regain. Right now there is no mistaking that it’s a diet as there’s nothing better for attitude than a visible difference in the mirror. Plus Happy is the easiest way to create more Happy! We are already noticing the small changes where we are standing taller and feeling better that are fueling us forward.

We know you've tried protein that was just awful. So have we. That's why we make Inspire.

Inspire tastes so good you'll LIKE IT. It also supports better weight loss and helps fix that 'little hair loss issue' we have at 7 months post op. - Susan

Try it, you'll thank us!

BONUS: blend Summer Melon with 1/2 cup almond milk for Melon Creamsicle that's lick the glass good.