I Cannot Tolerate The Taste Of Inspire. Now what?

I had my RNY in 2001 and back then people still used SOY PROTEIN. Funky, beany, stinky, SOY BEAN protein. Yuk. Bodybuilder protein was horrible. No one drank it for enjoyment, they drank it for what it did for them. It was part of the surgical deal. 

I can honestly say that I NEVER threw away a canister of protein I bought or gave it away or even thought about not drinking it. WHY? My surgeons told me I had to drink it or bad things would happen – my body would use its own muscle & organs for fuel and I would lose even more hair. So I added the stuff from the canister to the blender, with a drop of extract and some ice, I held my nose and drank my 2 or 3 awful shakes a day. 

Protein is consumed for a PURPOSE that is not just because you want to sit around sipping it as if it were a frosty cold DQ shake on a hot day. You consume it for healing, body repair, muscle building and fuel for fat loss. TASTE IS SECONDARY. Taste is secondary. Taste is secondary. If I had to drink a glass of Toilet Water every day to lose the weight and keep the weight off, I would ask ‘How large a glass?’ 

Having said all that… when given the opportunity, I knew I could work with flavor specialists to create a formula for Inspire protein that DOES taste good. I can make anything taste good in my kitchen so why not in a lab? 

Inspire protein powder tastes GREAT but don’t lose focus of WHY you are drinking it. If right now your surgery has your taste buds whacked out, you still have to suck it up and drink it. Power through the bag BECAUSE ITS GOOD FOR YOU. Things will eventually calm down with your taste and you will understand just how good Inspire is. OR we can give you the name of some others to try so you would suddenly appreciate Inspire, lol. 

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