Can we absorb vitamins and minerals through our skin by using one of those multivitamin patches I have heard of?

Vitamin Use Tied to Lower Breast Cancer Death

When we heard about ‘multivitamin patches’ that were being specifically marketed to bariatric patients, we were skeptical because we remember the ‘spray vitamins’ similarly targeting us a few years back that turned out to be bogus – the FDA and Attorney General of several states thought so too.

We consulted with several experts regarding patch multivitamins, all of whom emphatically said that none of the claims made by the patch company are true. Not a single word. What they’re proposing was biochemically impossible as the skin is a pretty good seal against water soluble organics, which is why you can’t get drunk on alcohol through your skin.

It’s also a good barrier against ions, or else a few hours in the ocean would dehydrate and kill you. Think of all the things you come in contact with during your day – if these materials passed through our skin, it could in many instances mean death.

Most vitamins and minerals fall into these two categories and anybody claiming some nutrient absorption that way had better produce studies to back it up, as burden of proof is upon them as such claims are against accepted medical fact, so you should be heavily skeptical.

One pharmacological expert went further to say that the people responsible for the vitamin patch company are either willfully fraudulent or just plain stupid, but either way are a second away from an FDA Warning Letter or FTC action. Use your judgement and please be careful of this kind of stuff. You cannot fit the entire world of nutrition in a single pill. It does not make sense that you could tape a packet of pulverized vitamins to your arm and have all that material move magically through your skin and into your body.

People defend these patches citing nicotine, birth control and other medications used as prescribed treatments – the difference is that these highly specialized transdermal medications are for tiny amount of drugs, not several teaspoons of organic minerals. There is no comparison.

If you’d like to be compliant, there is no easy way out, you must swallow capsules or chew tablets. There is no magic pill or magic patch.


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