FAQ: I’m 5 weeks post op and I suddenly have terrible nausea and feel just awful – I am getting sicker rather than better. What is wrong with me?

You are in the throes of DEHYDRATION, which is the number one post op complication that WILL land you back in a hospital bed. Water is CRITICAL after surgery and most of us did not pick up on that. We are worrying about vitamins and protein at the expense of water. Sip sip sip sip sip… was not meant to be funny… it is for real. 


Dehydration after bariatric surgery is number one complication


Starting right now, sip water as if it is your JOB. Hot, warm, cold, herbal tea, Chinese wonton broth, sugar free ice pops, cold with lemon slice, warm with lemon slice, anything you have to do to take in more water.

At this point there is a small chance you may be able to pull yourself out of it, but if you don’t feel any better soon, contact your doctor as a couple of bags of fluid will be a HUGE help and immediately make you feel much better.

OTHERWISE you will quickly go downhill, it gets much worse and the nausea is horrific. A close friend who had bariatric surgery was doing great but suddenly got so sick she thought she was dying.

We have a free app for iPhone to help you keep up once you have been rehydrated.


GetHyApp.com free bariatric hydration app



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