Bariatric Eating

J1 Vitamin Kit SAVE 30%

Choose Subscription and save over $41 on these 3 essentials. You need them every month, SAVE $$$!

The 3 essentials most bariatric post ops need on a daily basic - a J1 multi caplet, a Vitamin D jelly, and a B12 jelly. We have bundled them into a kit to both simplify and create a way to save. 

Do not fail because you ran out or you forgot to order more. Choose your frequency, either 1 kit a month, 2 kits every 2 months, or 3 every 3 months and never run out of your vitamin essentials. The savings are huge! 

Settle into your new slimmer lifestyle and begin a simple preventative routine for maintaining the good health you've worked for. A Journey One per Day caplet fills in any nutrient gaps between what you eat and what you need, while jellies boost immunity and energy.

Journey has made the best bariatric multivitamin for over 20 years... efficiency & compliance create perfect labs! It's not only what you take, it's what you absorb. Annual lab results are your report card. Get an A!

This kit provides for one month - J1 One per Day caplets, Lemon Lime D3 Jellies, and Fruit Punch B12 Jellies.

Placing J1 Essential Vitamin Kit on subscription is too good a deal to pass up at a huge 30% Off. We recommend One Month Frequency for Subscription since you'll want to keep this habit rolling for life. 

Add to Cart and choose your Frequency of Kit delivery. 

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