Established in 2001, Bariatric Eating was born from our founder's personal post-gastric bypass experience. With limited nutritional options and a complex vitamin regimen, she realized the need for better solutions for bariatric patients.

Solutions Created

Her realization prompted the creation of popular programs like the Back on Track and 48 Pouch Reset. High-quality products such as Inspire protein powders, Believe drinks, and Journey vitamins were also developed, becoming favored choices for post-surgery patients.

A New Leadership

Now retired, our founder's principles continue to guide us. Alex Brecher, the new leader, is committed to advancing our mission. He intends to maintain and improve our offerings, providing the bariatric community with innovative, top-quality solutions.


Have you ever purchased a forty five dollar jug of protein that you cannot tolerate and have since learned it’s the ‘wrong kind’?

Do you own a thirty dollar box of protein bars that taste like Play Doh?

Have you sipped a bottle of ready-to-drink protein to practically spit it out from the funky aftertaste?

Do you have a ten bottles of supplements that have been collecting dust on your desk for six months?


The reality is that ‘old school’ bariatric supplements are not working – 98% of bariatric patients have 2 or more deficiencies, 24-months after surgery. Mostly because patients do not take supplements.

Bariatric patients are not listening to the surgeons: they’re not compliant due to taste, forgetfulness and they don’t believe that anything bad will really happen.


We believe that choosing the right products is critical to compliance and long-term health.

Many of those who have had weight loss surgery think they are the only one who has broken a bone in a fall, or lost teeth due to decreased bone density, or have iron anemia so severe they need IV iron or even blood transfusions. These situations are common after bariatric weight loss surgery and in many cases are preventable.

This isn’t just about losing weight, post ops have a responsibility to monitor nutrient levels after organs have been removed or rearranged.


We have worked with top specialists to create the right products that meet her high standards for Taste, Quality, and Nutrition:

Bottom Line

We're in this together

The products we offer are top quality, meet the nutritional supplement guidelines of even the strictest surgical centers, are easy to use and also taste good. Bariatric professionals care about nutrition but we understand that taste is important to you!

You’re now on a lifetime journey but you don’t have to make it alone – we’re with you every step of the way.

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