Founded in 2001, Bariatric Eating emerged from a personal journey through post-gastric bypass recovery. Our founder faced the stark reality of limited nutritional options and a daunting vitamin regimen, sparking a vision to revolutionize the bariatric nutrition landscape.

Solutions Created

This vision led to the creation of pioneering programs such as the Back on Track and the 48 Pouch Reset, alongside the development of high-quality Inspire protein powders, Believe drinks, and Journey vitamins. These products quickly became staples for individuals navigating the complexities of life after bariatric surgery, addressing the dire need for tailored nutritional support.

A New Leadership

As our founder transitioned into retirement, Alex Brecher stepped up to continue the legacy with a renewed commitment to innovation and excellence. Under Alex's leadership, Bariatric Eating remains at the forefront of providing the bariatric community with top-quality, innovative solutions. Expanding our mission, we now embrace individuals exploring GLP-1 and weight loss medications, offering support and products that cater to a wider array of weight management strategies.


Have you struggled with finding a protein powder that's both palatable and suited to your nutritional needs?

Are you left with a collection of protein bars that miss the mark on taste?

Have you experienced the disappointment of a ready-to-drink protein shake with an off-putting aftertaste?

Do you have bottles of supplements gathering dust due to their unappealing flavor or complexity?


The harsh reality is traditional bariatric supplements often fail to meet patient needs, leading to nutritional deficiencies in nearly 98% of patients two years post-surgery. The root issue lies in a lack of compliance, driven by undesirable tastes, forgetfulness, and underestimating the consequences of nutritional neglect.


We hold a firm belief in the importance of selecting the right products to ensure compliance and safeguard long-term health.

The consequences of nutritional deficiencies post-bariatric surgery, such as bone fractures, tooth loss, and severe anemia, are preventable. Post-operative care goes beyond weight loss; it's about taking responsibility for one’s nutritional health, especially after undergoing significant anatomical changes.

With the inclusion of support for GLP-1 and weight loss medications, Bariatric Eating stands as a comprehensive resource for all individuals on their weight loss journey. Our aim is to provide not just products, but a pathway to achieving and maintaining optimal health through proper nutrition and support.


We have worked with top specialists to create the right products that meet her high standards for Taste, Quality, and Nutrition:

Bottom Line

We're in this together

The products we offer are top quality, meet the nutritional supplement guidelines of even the strictest surgical centers, are easy to use and also taste good. Bariatric professionals care about nutrition but we understand that taste is important to you!

You’re now on a lifetime journey but you don’t have to make it alone – we’re with you every step of the way.

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